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Social Care: a case of an underlying health condition

Social care has been in a state of perpetual crisis for decades, writes Janet Sillett. After years of neglect, is it any wonder care homes and home care were invisible as the Covid-19 pandemic evolved?

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Local government and Covid-19: social care, a neglected service

There were over 4,000 deaths involving Covid-19 in care homes in England in the two weeks up to 28 April. This briefing looks at the state of the social care sector pre-Covid,  the impact that the virus has had on care homes and domiciliary care and what lessons need learning.

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Bundle: Global Covid-19 responses

In these unprecedented times, countries around the world look to each other for guidance. In this bundle, we collate all of our Covid-19 content from across the globe, covering responses and learning opportunities from both member and non-member countries. All content in this bundle is free to access for both members and followers.

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Ça Va Bien Aller: Montreal’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic

Despite Montreal suffering a significant death-toll from Covid-19, there has been a general consensus that the city has done a good job, though challenges remain. This paper analyses Montreal’s response to the pandemic to date.

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Local government and Covid-19: exit strategies – the timing, the issues

How and when to reduce lockdown restrictions is a pressing issue: what should decide whether a country’s lockdown should be relaxed, and when and how, and who should be making the decisions. There is no blueprint – each country has different criteria and political and social context.

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Swift Read: Covid-19 and addiction – a mutually reinforcing health issue

Covid-19 has had a systematic and profound impact on our health and wellbeing, particularly affecting those living with addiction. This briefing explains the reciprocal relationships between living with addiction and Covid-19 and the importance of dealing with addiction in local government policy responses.

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Impact of the Covid-19 shutdown on vulnerable workers in Australia

This briefing is the first in a two-part series examining the impact of the current economic shutdown on vulnerable workers, drawing on analysis of labour market characteristics to identify the types of communities and sectors that are uniquely vulnerable.

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Covid-19: Rough sleeping

We look here not just at what councils are being asked to do during the crisis, but the scale of the problem based on snapshot statistics filed by local authorities last autumn.

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