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Covid-19: Age Friendly and the local authority response to a pandemic

Ireland’s status as the first ‘Age Friendly’ country is indicative of the commitment that exists in all partners, as led by the local government sector. Covid-19 is a virus that disproportionately affects older people, so Age Friendly structures are key to providing an effective response, as explored in this briefing.

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Managing from the eye of the storm – the municipal response to Covid-19 in Madrid and Barcelona

Spain is currently one of the countries most seriously affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Despite the robustness of its national health service and the enforcement by police & military of strict social isolation rules, according to the official sources the country has now over 110,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and close to 10,000 people have…

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Covid-19: Voluntary and community support coordination in Wirral

Individuals, organisations and businesses across Wirral have come together like never before to combat the effects of coronavirus on our community and to protect, support and care for our most vulnerable people. Rachel Howey tells us how they’re doing it.

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This changes everything: Policy implications of Covid-19

When in the eye of the storm it is difficult to think beyond the immediate pressure, but when the pandemic has abated it will be important to reflect and learn lessons that will make us better prepared and more resilient for the future.

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An overview of Germany’s response to Covid-19

As the world’s media continues to examine how different nations are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany has been internationally commended for its foresight, vigilance, and well-resourced healthcare system. What’s behind Germany’s success in flattening the curve and, post-crisis, what of its future financially?

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School’s out! … not

Colin Pettigrew from Nottinghamshire County Council on how schools are responding to the need to support children of key workers and the most vulnerable children in society.

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Coronavirus: How local government communications can make a difference

Clear advice from councils is helping people negotiate Covid-19. But how can they best ensure it reaches residents and business? We look at some of the issues local authorities face and highlight good practice from around the UK, including use of social media as well as websites.

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Mayo County Council’s Community Engagement

Liam Hanrahan, Head of Community Engagement, outlines how Mayo County Council’s Community Engagement Team are coordinating the overall response to the Covid-19 crisis,  unifying all the Mayo efforts into a comprehensive network.

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