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Local Elections 101: your questions, answered

We’re here to demystify the mysterious world of local elections. We’ve answered your key questions about how local elections in England work. What does No Overall Control mean? What is a Police and Crime Commissioner? What is the point of local elections? Read all about this and more.

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Global Local: The care ecosystem

This week's Global Local explores the care ecosystem and investigates local government's role in creating a well-functioning care ecosystem, which meets the diverse needs of their communities.


What is the health and social care ecosystem?

This article discusses the complexity of health and social care as a system shared almost everywhere. It highlights the importance of supporting informal, local organisations that play an indispensable role in the healthcare ecosystem. Shedding light on the issues facing healthcare and the challenges policymakers face in trying to regulate – is it time for…

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Is it too difficult to reform social care?

This briefing from University of Birmingham researchers explores the difficulties of social care reform which evoke key issues such as the rebalancing of central and local government relations and new fiscal challenges. Using the metaphor of a social care ecosystem, it outlines how this can help us think about reform.

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