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Age friendly homes – designing homes that suit everyone’s needs across the lifecourse

This briefing examines the case of Ireland and how, as one of the first Age Friendly Countries, according to the World Health Organisation, it is approaching the delivery of age-appropriate homes for its increasingly older population. This briefing will be of interest to housing personnel and, particularly so, to those charged with the long-term planning…

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An unexpected side-effect of Covid-19: accelerating the use of data. What can councils learn?

Councils have responded to the challenges of Covid-19 by making much better use of data and innovation. Innovative uses include joining up their own datasets, creating new data sharing techniques, using data from private companies to monitor pedestrian flows and analysing CCTV footage to improve social distancing on public transport.

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The Adult Social Care Market in England

This important NAO report, with its emphasis on the role of the DHSC, highlights serious issues around the oversight of the social care market. Any lack of national joined-up planning and accountability will inevitably have a negative impact on integration at the levels of system and place.

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Health, public health and social care round up: March 2021

The health, public health and social care round-up summarises new policy, research and publications that are relevant to elected members and officers interested in health and social care. In March’s edition, Public Health England functions find new homes, responsibilities get real for integrated care systems and there are hints of a ten-year plan for adult…

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Global Local Executive Panel – March 2021: Community Wellbeing

On March 18th 2021 LGiU Australia, VLGA and LGPro presented an international panel of local government executives to explore how local governments in Australia and the UK are finding innovative ways to deliver improved community wellbeing outcomes against a backdrop of a pandemic and challenging economic climate.

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2020 hindsight: reflecting on global learning from the pandemic

Following on from our content last week marking the anniversary of Covid-19 lockdowns, this bundle focuses on the international knowledge-sharing opportunities arising out of the pandemic; providing a range of learning from countries’ experiences in tackling Covid-19 as well as generally for other issues.

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