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Exploring alternative sources of income for rural councils

Rural councils face specific funding challenges in meeting the needs of their communities and they rely heavily on federal and state government grants. This briefing identifies possible options for other forms of sustainable income, including drawing from examples of existing alternative income streams deployed by local government across Australia.

Australia With case study

Centralisation Nation – report by Centre for Cities and Resolution Foundation

For 15 years, the UK economy has stagnated, especially outside London and the south east. International evidence suggests economic under-performance is linked to England’s centralised state. This briefing analyses a report from Centre for Cities and the Resolution Foundation which makes a case for radical reform of local economic governance, responsibilities and funding.

England & Wales, Scotland

Teachers’ round-up – entry and early career paths

In this teachers’ round-up, we look at developments in entry and early career development in the teaching profession in England. England is embarking on radical changes to initial teacher training. This briefing looks at the detail.

England & Wales

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