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Energy From Waste Infrastructure Plan: Moving to a circular economy

The Energy from Waste Infrastructure Plan guides the strategic planning and investment for future thermal energy from waste facilities until 2041. The Plan aims to provide certainty of where waste to energy facilities will be located to maximise NSW’s waste management needs, employment opportunities, and waste innovation opportunities.


Uniting local government and farmer voices at COP26

Resilient food systems that address food security, health and sustainability are an essential part of a climate change agenda and local government is at the heart of it.  Nourish Scotland is working with local governments to support sustainable food systems.

Global, Scotland Blog Post

Drug and alcohol related deaths in Scotland and the UK: a national shame

2020 saw the largest number of drug-related deaths in the UK since records began in the 1990s. Perhaps it is time that drug reform policy follows the examples from abroad by moving away from the criminal justice lens and instead addressing the topic as a public health issue.

England & Wales, Scotland

Housing and planning round-up September 2021

An appeal to councils to house thousands of Afghan refugees is the big issue in this month’s housing and planning roundup. Other news includes homelessness, green energy, fire safety, complaints to the Housing Ombudsman and structural racism.

England & Wales, Scotland

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