Transport and infrastructure

Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.



Cork County Council: A Month in the Life

Cork County Council provide us with an insight into their November of 2020, including their work on supporting businesses through Covid-19, improving wellbeing among communities, environment and sustainability initiatives, and current and upcoming infrastructure projects.

Ireland Briefing

Cyclepaths to Recovery: Fast-tracking active travel and public realm investments

This briefing looks at the benefits and challenges around fast-tracking active travel and public realm investments in response to government investment and provides examples of some local councils’ responses, particularly into major city centres.

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How effectively are NSW councils delivering growth infrastructure?

A discussion of the recent performance of NSW local governments in delivering growth infrastructure, based on annual financial statements and population growth data – focusing on local government areas where effective and efficient delivery of growth infrastructure particularly matters.

Australia Briefing

Spending Review November 2020: Highlights for Scottish local government

Today the Chancellor laid out his much-anticipated one-year Spending Review, in place of the Comprehensive Spending Review and three-year plan he had hoped to produce before the pandemic disrupted the economic backdrop. This on-the-day briefing brings you the highlights.

Scotland Briefing

International lessons from Melbourne’s 20-Minute Neighbourhoods

As the pandemic reduces travel and commuting and people look to their local areas to fulfil needs, the traditional structures of urban areas are called into question. Using case studies, this briefing examines the idea of the 20-minute neighbourhood.

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Going even lower? A progress report on Low Emission Zones and tackling air pollution in cities

LEZs are aimed at improving air quality, protecting public health and supporting wider climate change ambitions. Work on introducing more LEZs in Scotland have resumed after Covid-19 delays, but they are not expected until 2022, and there are also delays to English Clean Air Zones (CAZs) planned for 2020; in some cases postponed indefinitely.

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In Conversation with… Josie Saunders, Head of Corporate Affairs, Scottish Canals

LGIU Scotland’s Kim Fellows is in conversation with Josie Saunders from Scottish Canals to talk about recent research by Glasgow Caledonian University which, in a global first, shows the extent of the positive impact canal investment has on the local community around it.

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Spaces for People: a personal reflection from Glasgow

James Bonner has written previous LGIU briefings on sustainable mobility and active travel, including on Scottish Government’s ‘Spaces for People’ programme rolled out during the Covid-19 pandemic. He reflects on his experiences in Glasgow during the pandemic and how they align with previous active travel writing.

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Moving forward: Getting what you want from a transport strategy

In recent decades, the role of local government transport planning has broadened from ‘roads and parking’ to a much wider world of transport. In this briefing, GTA Consultants share their insights on the evolution of transport planning, and how to get what you want from a transport strategy.

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