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Sustainable asset management: Council approaches

This briefing explores the varied approaches that local authorities are taking to make their own assets more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

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Integrating and enhancing asset data for improved planning and management

In this briefing, SGS Economics and Planning’s Jan Quing and Liz Webster draw on their experience in the management of information systems and working across various state and local government projects to outline the challenges and potential responses, with examples to illustrate what good practice can look like.

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UK examples of town centre regeneration

This briefing explores local government’s role in town centre regeneration, examining public-private partnership models in detail, with UK examples. It considers funding issues; the impact of administrative changes both locally and nationally; and evaluates the cost-benefits of a place-based, holistic approach to regeneration.

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The impacts of poor housing on health outcomes

This briefing looks at the link between housing, health inequalities and good health. Councils have a growing role in working with health services to prevent ill-health, tackle health inequalities, and ensure homes are safe, healthy and promote independent living in an ageing society.       

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Maximising local tourism and community engagement through seasonal attractions

This briefing explores the impact of seasonal attractions, emphasising their importance to local economies, tourism, and community engagement. It highlights the key role of councils in managing these attractions and addresses the impact of seasonality on visitor numbers and revenue while also offering the opportunity to celebrate local culture and build community spirit.

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Looking for a home: Can local government help younger people deal with the housing crisis?

In many countries, young people are bearing the brunt of the housing crisis. With home ownership and even renting out of their reach, what options are open besides living with mum and dad? This briefing surveys the scene and flags up some of the solutions on offer from local government.

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The role of local government in bringing empty homes back into use

The UK faces a major housing supply problem with a serious lack of affordable housing. This briefing examines the extent to which bringing empty homes back into use can alleviate the shortage of homes.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing With case study

Taste Cumbria Food Festival: Boosting local economy and showcasing regional talent

The Taste Cumbria food festival, initiated in 2010 to revitalise Cockermouth post-floods, has significantly grown. This case study explores how the council has leveraged local businesses and tourism to showcase Cumbrian culture. Expanding across towns, the festival boosts the economy, with the 2022 event generating almost £2m. Future plans include further expansion.

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