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Bundle: Health, social care and Covid-19 – what have we learnt so far?

This bundle brings together some of LGIU’s recent work on health and social care. It looks back to a pre-Covid-19 world (which seems such a long time ago, but is, of course, very recent), at health and social care during the pandemic, and ahead, when we are in ‘recovery’.

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Health inequalities after Covid-19: challenges and opportunities

Covid-19 is shining a light on our society, and a prominent theme has been health inequalities. Social determinants like poverty, educational opportunities, worklessness and poor housing are interlinked and have a negative impact on health. This briefing considers emerging trends on health inequalities in the progress of the virus.

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Powerful stories: Can they be the catalyst for reform?

Janet Sillett asks whether powerful stories emerging from Covid-19 can lead to a reform of social care in the UK. This article was first published by the Social Care Institute for Excellence.

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Covid-19 related deaths by occupation: ONS data

The ONS has published an analysis of Covid-19 related deaths in different occupational groups. We summarise the findings and consider their implications for managing the crisis, especially the phased return to work, and what data like this can tell us about existing social and economic divisions in our society.

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Covid-19: Lessons for Public Services

Professor James Mitchell writes on how Scotland and England together can evaluate the changes that need to be made regarding public services in the light of the Covid-19 crisis.

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Post-Covid Councils

This framework is intended to help local authorities ask a set of structured questions about how we emerge from the immediate crisis, placing planning processes within an overall context so we might begin to imagine the shape of local government post-Covid.

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