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A Nordic approach to Covid-19 a year of learning

When reflecting on how the world has grappled with Covid-19, Sweden stands out as taking a different approach from the start, keeping its society and borders open. What exactly is the ‘Swedish Model’, how has it evolved over time and what role has local government played?

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Special Report on Covid-19 and its impact on structures of government one year on

As we pass the one year anniversary of the first reported Irish Covid-19 cases it is perhaps an appropriate time to reflect on the changes the pandemic has wrought on government systems in the last 12 months. In this first briefing, we will examine the Republic and in an upcoming briefing we will examine Northern…

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A new deal for social care

“Adult social care has been ‘unfinished business’ for what now seems forever”, writes LGIU’s head of briefings, Janet Sillett. This blog addresses the chronic problems that undermine adult social care and discusses how the pandemic represents a pivotal moment for reform.

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Bundle: Questions for the future of social care

Today you can read our new briefing about the so-called “Feeley” report on adult social care in Scotland. To accompany this release, we’ve included in this bundle relevant recent briefings on adult and children’s social care policy and delivery in the UK as well as the new NHS plan for England. 

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Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland

An Independent Review of Adult Social Care in Scotland was published in February 2021, chaired by Derek Feeley, Chief Executive of the Institute for Health Improvement. This briefing outlines the review’s main recommendations, how they will be financed and responses to the review. This briefing will be of interest to elected members and officers working…

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Swift Read: Food Insecurity and Poverty

The pandemic has highlighted various faults in the UK’s food systems, from the quality of free school meals and their provision over holidays to soaring food bank numbers. This briefing outlines some of the most recent issues and policies regarding food and poverty in Scotland, where food insecurity is more prevalent than in the rest…

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Unfinished business

Local government has been financially under resourced and the policy agenda has underserved in key areas of service, democracy and community. This latest pillar in our Post-Covid Councils project sets out a blueprint for the thinking we need to generate some vital momentum around these pieces of Unfinished Business.

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Health and social care sector staff experience in the Covid-19 pandemic

This briefing looks at data from the recent Everyone Matters Pulse Survey in Scotland. This survey rates staff experience from all 22 Health Boards and 30 Health and Social Care Partnerships across Scotland based on their responses to quantitative and qualitative questions. Key sources of worry for staff were identified and explored, giving public services…

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