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Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.


Loosening your belt to cure obesity: Rethinking standard vehicle sizes

Standards Australia is updating the design standard for off-street car parking to accommodate larger vehicles. This article unpacks the revision, including the risks of a car-dominated built form, the role of the Standard in informing decision-making, and the long-term need for consistency. 

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Scottish National Islands Plan – a vehicle for transformation?

Reporting on a session between Adele Lidderdale’s, PhD Researcher supported by Institute for Northern Studies, LGIU and Orkney Islands Council, Comhairle nan eilean siar and Shetland Islands Council, this paper provides an island local government insight into whether the Scottish National Islands Plan can provide a vehicle for transformation.

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Is 20 plenty? How councils are leading the drive for slower traffic

A growing number of UK roads are subject to 20mph speed limits. Welcomed by road safety campaigners (plus pedestrians and cyclists), they face opposition from motoring organisations and some politicians. So how do such schemes work, and what do they achieve besides weighty arguments?

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England policy round-up: August and September 2023

Our England policy round-up services overview the key policy announcements and publications for local government.  The latest edition includes the government’s recent announcement to change the net zero by 2050 plans, the integration of Local Enterprise Partnership functions into local authorities, a paper on making better use of data around electric vehicle charge points, and…

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IFS Deaton Inequality Review: the distribution of public service spending

In May 2019, the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) launched the IFS Deaton Review on Inequality, described as a “five-year study of the inequalities in society”. This latest briefing covers ‘The distribution of public service spending’ report, published in May 2023. 

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England policy round-up: June and July 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at the most relevant and recent announcements and publications during June and July. Government announcements included the third National (Climate) Adaptation Plan, information on the role of the new Office for Local Government, and plans to simplify the funding landscape for local authorities.

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Dublin City Council implements active travel network across the city

Dublin City Council aims to transform the way people walk, wheel and cycle in the capital. This LGIU article from Dublin City Council provides a background to the development and planning of Active Travel in Ireland’s capital.

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Global Local: The council and the car

In this week's Global Local, we look at the role of councils in facilitating and improving transportation within their communities.