Topic: Transport and infrastructure

Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.


The council and the car

Local government is often responsible for the last mile and the first. This collection of LGIU resources looks at how councils can manage our relationship with the car and its possible alternatives.

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Global Local: Turnaround cities

In this issue of Global Local, we're examining the towns and cities that have overcome periods of industrial or economic decline.


Planning for electric vehicles

Sales of electric vehicles (EV) have doubled in the past two years. This short-read briefing looks at the role of Australian local government in supporting the EV transition.

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Turnaround cities – research on seven cities for the Economy 2030 Commission

Many post-industrial cities around the world are trying to turn around long-term economic underperformance and forge a new future. New research for the Resolution Foundation’s Economy 2030 Commission asks what can be learnt from the experience of ‘turnaround cities’ – cities that have overcome economic shocks and turned their fortunes around.

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Global Local: Spotlight on Ireland

In this week’s Global Local, we’re casting a spotlight on all things Irish local government!

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Global Local: Rural 20-minute neighbourhoods

In this issue of Global Local, we’re examining whether the 20-minute neighbourhood concept can be successfully implemented in more rural settings.


20-minute neighbourhoods, USA experiences

Urban sprawl and the ongoing lack of adequate transport and service infrastructure is a huge challenge for urban communities across the US. This article highlights key examples of how several US cities are adopting the 20-minute neighbourhood concept to overcome the challenges.

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How BladeBridges are repurposing wind turbines and active travel

Tackling the dilemma of growing wind energy adoption and no sustainable disposal solution, offers a way to repurpose blades into blade bridges, a cost-competitive option to traditional bridges with added environmental advantages.

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Why loving local is key to tackling climate emergency and cost of living crisis

Scotland Loves Local started as a campaign born out of the Covid-19 pandemic and has now evolved into a community-wide mission to drive long-term sustainable change. In this article, Kimberley Guthrie, Chief Officer of Scotland’s Towns Partnership Interim tells us all about the big plans on the horizon.

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