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Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.



Shale fracking: a moment in the sun or banned forever?

Fracking policy recently re-emerged to provide a brief, yet critical moment in contemporary British politics. This briefing subsequently provides an overview of shale fracking in the UK and outlines exactly what this process is; how it is regulated; and its implications at both the national and local levels of its application.

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Key Learnings from the Scotland Town Partnership Conference

Last week (November 16th), LGIU Scotland travelled to Kilmarnock to attend the first in-person Scotland Town Partnership conference for three years. Relevant for all those interested in town centre housing and planning, this LGIU publication brings you all the key case studies, reflections and a winners of the Scotland Loves Local Awards.

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The City of Brimbank’s 5G Road Maintenance Research

This blog looks at Brimbank City Council’s 5G approach to infrastructure management which has reached a new level with artificial intelligence now developed and able to detect damaged road signs and dumped rubbish.

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Green City: Freiburg – Worth checking out

In this blog, LGIU's Ireland Commissioner, Dr. Seán Ó'Riordáin, talks about his recent visit to Freiburg in Germany and the progressive work he admires in their endeavour to become a greener city.

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Just Transition: Lessons from the Latrobe Valley Authority

Australia’s exit from coal as a domestic energy resource has already seen one-third of the country’s coal-fired power stations close, but currently, the government has not implemented a planned strategy for transition at a national level. This briefing looks at a recent enquiry focusing on Latrobe Valley Authority to evaluate the lessons learned so far.

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Short-term Rental Accommodation

MAV and LGiU Australia have partnered to deliver a forum for local government Councillors, officers and senior management on how the proliferation of short-term rental accommodation (STRA) is impacting local housing availability and what levers councils have to respond.

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England policy round-up: August/September 2022

This new edition covers policy/research papers from late July-early October 2022 – a tumultuous time economically, politically and constitutionally, with the death of Queen Elizabeth and a shaky start from the incoming prime minister.

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A public challenge: Let’s talk about the lack of public toilets

The closure of public toilets in many countries over recent years has drawn attention to an existing issue of insufficient funds in relation to demand. This briefing highlights the problems facing local authorities in providing public toilets and outlines why these problems have an extremely damaging effect on people.

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Scotland Programme for Government 2022/23 — Highlights for Councils

Introduction  The cost of living crisis is a defining feature of this year’s Programme for Government (PfG) which is split into nine thematic sections, including commitments on child poverty, public service, the economy and the climate emergency. Millions of people across Scotland are feeling the impact of the cost of living crisis, this PfG acknowledges…

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