Topic: Transport and infrastructure

Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.



Micro-mobility – creating a workable transport alternative

Providing a rough analysis and commentary on three recent or ongoing shared transport schemes in Melbourne, Victoria and Newcastle, New South Wales, this briefing demonstrates how elements of scheme design must be blended effectively to create a workable transport alternative.

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Global Local Think Tank Review: May 2022

Your monthly review of the latest local government research and policy from leading think tanks around the world. This month’s edition focuses on recent elections in Europe, as well as the housing crisis in Australia. It also includes reports covering governance, municipal finance, healthcare, and infrastructure.

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England policy round-up – April/May 2022

Our brand new, monthly policy round-up for England provides a summary of key policy and practice documents affecting local government in England. This edition covers policy/research papers from April and May 2022, a period dominated by the cost of living crisis, the Queen’s Speech and the local elections.

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The key pillars of the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

This briefing deals with the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill which is intended to enact some of the key pillars of the levelling up agenda. Most of the bill applies to England and Wales only, but there are some important UK-wide exceptions, which are set out in the briefing.

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Showcasing Good Practice: Local Government climate change case studies

The Improvement Service has launched an interactive collection of Local Government climate change case studies. Judi Kilgallon explains the efforts to showcase how councils across Scotland are working to drive change

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Explainer: Climate change and biodiversity for local government

This primer introduces you to the role of local authorities in tackling the climate emergency and highlights three key areas of climate action. It is part of a series of primers, covering key local authority topics, which are aimed particularly at new councillors to help them settle into the role.

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UK Infrastructure Progress Review 2022 – ‘6 out of 10, must try harder’

The National Infrastructure Commission’s report, “Infrastructure Progress Review 2022”, considers the UK government’s progress in meeting infrastructure targets and the feasibility of meeting longer-term aims. This briefing highlights the areas where the government is struggling and runs the risk of failing to meet longer-term delivery.

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The road to net zero

This event hosted by the LGIU will bring together political and local government experts to discuss reaching net zero, the role of councils in sustainable development, and the intersection with the cost of living crisis.

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Driving the shift to Electric Vehicles

Local governments play an integral role in steering the transition to EVs in Australia. This briefing discusses the role of councillors and council staff in the adoption of electric vehicles in council fleets, the provision of fleet charging infrastructure, and planning policies related to charging infrastructure.

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Maintaining local roads

As “pothole season” gets underway in the Northern Hemisphere and flood-hit Australian councils face thousands of potholes, stretching budgets and risking driver safety, we looked at road maintenance.