Law, culture and local government engagement with indigenous communities

In this opinion piece, Dr Ed Wensing reflects on the lessons for local governments from the recent destruction of the historic rock shelters at Juukan Gorge and argues that local government needs to be more aware of Indigenous peoples’ rights and interests, regardless of how well the law currently provides protection.

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Test and trace or trace a test? The state of Covid-19 testing in the UK

How was the test and trace system supposed to work in the UK, and how did its effectiveness become so widely questioned? This briefing covers information on the background of testing, issues with the system, the situation in schools, and the current and potential role of local authorities in improving Covid-19 responses.

England & Wales, Scotland

The path to net zero – Climate Assembly UK

The UK is committed to reducing net carbon emissions to zero by 2050. This will require significant changes to the way we live, and present difficult decisions for central and local government. The Climate Assembly UK brought together ordinary citizens to debate the issues and suggestion of policy solutions.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

Innovation in local government: building local resilience in a time of pandemic

The following briefing draws upon this recent research and highlights that even in as restricted a local government environment as that in Ireland, local authorities can and do play a fundamental role in engaging with communities through the Covid-19 pandemic, providing vital reassurance and leadership.

Global, Ireland

Moving forward: Getting what you want from a transport strategy

In recent decades, the role of local government transport planning has broadened from ‘roads and parking’ to a much wider world of transport. In this briefing, GTA Consultants share their insights on the evolution of transport planning, and how to get what you want from a transport strategy.

Australia, England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland

In sickness and in health: how health and social care integration was supposed to work

This briefing looks at the background and intention behind the integration of health and social care in Scotland. It summarises the key legislation and guidance around setting up integration authorities and the models available, providing an overview of the boundaries within which integration must operate, and outlines the governance arrangements of different models.


How states are moving forward on renewable energy and reducing emissions

This briefing includes information on individual state and territory renewable energy policies and initiatives, and identifies their implications (and potential opportunities) for local governments. It also includes information on projects at the local and regional level.