Project Ireland 2040: Building Ireland’s future?

In this briefing, we examine the background and evolution of Project Ireland 2040, progress on its implementation to date and the possible impact on its future delivery of Brexit, Covid-19 and the Programme for Government, entitled “Our Shared Future”.


The rise in cyber threats: How local government can stay safe

This briefing explores how the local government sector in Australia is at risk from cybercrime because of its increasing dependence on technology, and its role in the management of significant public assets, assets and information.

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Swift Read: Nudge, fudge and sludge – behavioural insights and Covid-19

Nudge theory has been influential in policymaking over the last decade. Various governments have used nudges in responding to Covid-19, though this has sometimes been controversial. This briefing shows how the UK’s response has been characterised by ‘nudge’, the removal of bureaucratic ‘sludge’ and the occasional policy ‘fudge’.

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Covid-19 and charities: what lies ahead for the sector?

Charities provide vital services and are part of the social fabric, but Covid-19 has left many organisations fighting for survival. A UK parliamentary inquiry recently heard evidence from sector representatives and made recommendations to government. How does the Chancellor’s package of support measure up and what’s next for the sector?

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Returning to school: challenges and considerations

On the 30 July 2020, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon officially confirmed that schools in Scotland would be re-opening for the autumn term on Tuesday 11 August. This briefing will outline the guidance offered, as well as considering the wider effects on young people of being out of education for so long, and further calls and…


So you’ve declared a climate emergency. What Next?

In March 2020 the City of Melbourne hosted the National Climate Emergency Summit, convening practitioners, advocates, governments, youth leaders, and industry innovators from across Australia to explore and unpack what a climate emergency transition could look like at local, national, and global levels. Coming at the end of a devastating season of bushfires, the March…

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Business and Planning Act 2020

This briefing examines the Business and Planning Act 2020, which contains a range of temporary measures intended to support the economy to recover from the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling businesses including bars, pubs and restaurants and construction firms to reopen while adhering to public health guidelines. They impact upon local authorities’ responsibilities…

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