Engaging youth in politics: Mariam Dawood

Cllr Dawood of the London Borough of Newham was selected for the Young Councillor of the Year Award in 2022 in England and Wales. She was recognised for her determination to increase young people’s participation in democratic processes by setting up, funding and running a two-day politics summer school in her area.

Championing equalities: Connor McManus

Cllr McManus of Midlothian Council was selected as the 2022 Young Councillor of the Year for getting the voices of young people included in policy-making as well as his leadership promoting equality for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Increasing accessibility: Amy Heley

Cllr Heley of Brighton and Hove City Council was awarded Young Councillor of the Year in 2021 in England and Wales due to her instrumental changes to travel infrastructures such as cycle lanes, a school streets project and the redesign of ‘Madeira Drive’.

Preventing floods: Jackie McCamon

Bailie McCamon of Dumfries and Galloway Council won the New Councillor of the Year Award for her enthusiastic representation of her constituents and for driving forward community agendas.

Investing in allotments: Beverley Momenabadi

Cllr Momenabadi of the City of Wolverhampton Council won the Young Councillor of the Year award in England and Wales in 2020.

Bringing veterans' issues to the fore: Mark Horsham

Cllr Horsham of South Lanarkshire Council was crowned New Councillor of the Year in 2020 in Scotland.

Let's hear from the winners...

Young councillors overcome substantial barriers to thrive while balancing work, studies, family, and financial pressures. That’s why we’re showcasing their incredible work here.

Cllr Connor McManus on Tackling Gender Based Violence at Midlothian Council

I was always aware of equality issues and I’ve always been a bit of an activist so I think it was a natural suggestion to put me in the role of Equalities Champion. I have always had ideas to combat violence against women and I personally know people affected by domestic violence, so it is something I am quite passionate about. Continue reading…

A trio of winners from Oldham

The representation of young people in local government is vital. We need the energy, new ideas and talent that young people have to offer local authorities. Read the full story…

Award Guidelines

 This award recognises a councillor who was 30 or younger when last elected and who has contributed significantly to their community and council during their time in office.

Young Councillor of the Year

The councillor who wins this category will:
• be a councillor who was 30 or under when last elected;
• demonstrate a commitment to working for the community using council structures;
• have contributed to or delivered a key council project which benefits residents.

Successful submissions should:
• provide clear examples of work or projects they have carried out;
• focus on how they have gone above and beyond their statutory role.

Cllr Awards 2022

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay