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General Election 2015

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Getting councils building

Councils across the country are taking active, innovative approaches to help address the UK's housing shortage. But there is more to be done and significant challenges in many areas.

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The use of evidence in local government

We are taking a look at how evidence is used in local government. How are interventions chosen, assessed and adapted? How should evidence be used in policy formation? Can the demand for evidence be used as a barrier to change and innovation?

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Councils and community sport

We believe that community sport offers an excellent vehicle for councils to achieve key aims, like improved public health but also as a way to build better networks, achieve stronger more resilient communities and develop an array of opportunities that support children, women, older people, disabled people and BME communities access wider community assets and…

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C’llr Achievement Awards

Now in its 6th year, the LGiU's annual C'llr Achievement Awards celebrates the importance of councillors to local communities and to the health of our local democracy.

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Technology and Transformation in Town Halls

LGiU worked in partnership with Hewlett-Packard on this project, looking at the opportunities and challenges presented to local authorities by new technology. The final report culminating from the research argues that we need to stop thinking about technology as a solution in itself. Rather, we need to think about how we can use technology to support and shape…

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Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce

In a society facing demographic shift, we are at a crucial point in planning to care for increasing numbers of older and disabled people in their own homes. We need a workforce that is capable and empowered.

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Putting cooperative principles into practice – an evaluation of the impact of Lambeth’s Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

The LGiU was asked by Lambeth council to carry out an evaluation of the impact of the Council’s community engagement approach to improving local neighbourhoods. The project highlighted the benefits, as well as the potential challenges, of placing a community engagement strategy at the heart of the council’s strategy. The report looks at three local projects: the Neighbourhood…

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Local governance and flooding

Flooding is often unpredictable and always difficult to manage. Yet it is far more challenging when the systems we have in place to deal with flooding are fragmented, with the only coordination coming from centralised bodies of experts. Local knowledge is ignored too often and local people are rarely engaged in the issues. This LGiU project…

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Children’s services – Commissioning Taskforce

In association with the Children’s Services Development Group (CSDG), LGiU coordinated a Commissioning Task force to tackle some of the key challenges to commissioning for fostering, residential care, and special educational needs. A series of interviews with commissioners in innovative councils, and regional workshops in Manchester, York, and London contributed to the findings. The task…

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