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LGiU & CCLA C’llr Achievement Awards 2016

LGiU’s annual C’llr Achievement Awards is back again for the seventh year, and it is set to be the biggest year yet. Taking place against the beautiful backdrop of the Guildhall’s Livery Hall, we will again welcome councillors from across the UK to celebrate their achievements and to network with others in similar roles.

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Party Conferences 2016

LGiU will be heading to Labour and Conservative Party Conferences this autumn. This page lists our planned events and collates our commentary.

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Smarter Cities: Digital and Data roundtables with Vodafone

LGiU is working with Vodafone to convene a series of regional roundtables. Councils need to be bold in delivering efficiencies and innovation to services. It is clear that data and technology will play a crucial role in the quest to deliver better services for less. The discussions focus on areas of local/regional interest but are broadly…

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Stories from the brink: the human impact of care provider failure

The LGiU is working with Mears Group to help tell the story of the human impact of provider failure and withdrawal from the home care market and we will be publishing these stories alongside analysis of how the current state of commissioning and funding of home care is putting providers on the edge and creating…

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Party Conferences 2015

LGiU will be heading to the Liberal Democrat, Labour, and Conservative Autumn Conferences. This page lists our planned events and collates our commentary.

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We believe local government can excel at squeezing value out of what it owns – whether that’s the council HQ, a local museum or something out of the ordinary. This summer we want to celebrate local government and the spaces it’s responsible for. You’ve got until 31st August to tweet, email or otherwise send us…

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This page is an evolving resource collating useful material on devolution from the LGiU and beyond.

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Technology and transformation

With huge cuts to budgets still looming on the horizon for local authorities, the need for efficiency and innovation has never been greater. Technology can play a transformative role in this story. The LGiU is working with HP to explore how new technologies can shape the future of health and social care.

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Local Elections 2015

As well as this year's General Election, many authorities will also have local elections taking place. As usual we'll be running our 'count correspondence', with a live on-the-ground feed from around the country.

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