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Local elections 2022

This is your one-stop shop for local elections support, resources and analysis.

England & Wales, Scotland

Global Local Executive Panel Series

Through our Global Local Executive Panel Series, we are working with global partners to bring you regularly scheduled panel events and discussions featuring executive speakers from local government across the countries we work in and beyond.

Australia, England & Wales, Global, Ireland, Scotland

Local Democracy Research Centre

The Local Democracy Research Centre brings together experts from local government and academia to do practical research on some of the key challenges for local democracy around the World.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland

Place and Wellbeing

We are working with Queen Mary, University of London, to investigate how councils are using lenses like place and wellbeing to manage growth and achieve broad social aims. This work is supported by Research England. The fallout of the pandemic, precarious financial circumstances and increasing demand for statutory services have all put huge pressure on…

Levelling Up, Governance and Institutions

With support from the James Madison Charitable Trust, we are convening a network of council leaders and senior officers from across the UK, along with other experts, to investigate the future of local public institutions. The research is taking place over a series of online discussion workshops. New ways of working and new partnerships with…

Devometrics: How to measure localism

The Local Democracy Research Centre has partnered with the University of Kent to develop a framework for measuring and comparing decentralisation within different states and territories. The constitutional order of a country is often of limited use in understanding how it is governed in practice. Power is dispersed according to a complex mix of legislation,…

Local elections 2021

Coverage and support for the May 2021 local elections in England and Wales and national elections in Scotland.

England & Wales, Scotland

Trust and governance

As part of our Post-Covid Councils work, we look at how re-building trust can lead us through the pandemic and beyond.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland