Trust and governance

Councils across the world are battling heroically to support communities through the crisis, whilst worrying that they will be left with millions of pounds of shortfall in their budgets. At the same time they are planning for recovery and thinking about the sorts of institutions they need to evolve into.

These debates will unfold over many months but we are beginning the groundwork now to ensure that we establish the right narrative pathways.

This framework is intended to help local authorities ask a set of structured questions about how we emerge from the immediate crisis. The Trust and Governance Pillar of our Post-Covid councils framework is an essential part of our post-covid work, underpinning the working relationship between citizen and state that we will need to move forward.

Covid-19 landed in a world in which levels of trust in institutions and faith in democratic processes were already eroding. We are at the point where fears of  decline are crystallising to signs of demise. This poses profound challenges to political and public life that need immediate action to counter.

  • How can democratically accountable institutions restore trust?
  • In a world of networked news, how can institutions fight against misinformation and disinformation?
  • How has the Covid-19 crisis changed the role and perception of institutions and elected representatives?
  • What is the role of expertise and evidence in political decision making? How has the crisis highlighted the tension between advisors and deciders?
  • Have the people lost faith in democracy? If so, what do we do to remind them of the power and value of government by the people, for the people?

Event: Information, communication and Democracy

Thursday 19 November 2PM-3PM GMT: Hear from Dr Susan Banducci of University of Exeter talking about her new research on communications, trust and local democracy and LGIU’s Ingrid Koehler on new research on councillors view on official public health information, disinformation and how we can rebuild trust. Register here.

Democracy deferred?

Our collection of resources that look at democratic decision making and keeping elections and engagement healthy in a pandemic. It looks at how countries around the world have handled elections during the pandemic and how we can overcome barriers to keep democracy healthy.

Trust in public institutions

LGIU briefing on three new reports on levels of trust amongst UK adults from the John Smith Centre, a research organisation that promotes trust in public services. It looks at gaps in trust and the impact on public engagement with critical service and communication.

Communications and Covid-19

The C19 National Foresight Group is a cross-government multi-agency group set up to support the UK response to Covid-19. The LGIU briefing on their report highlights trust and communication as barriers to reducing transmission.  We have also published a briefing on Covid-19 communications and effectiveness which draws on lessons throughout the crisis.

Trust and transformation

Watch Jonathan Carr-West’s speech to the Local Government Association of New South Wales where he explores the relationship between trust and civic renewal.