Stories from the brink: the human impact of care provider failure

The LGiU is working with Mears Group to help tell the story of the human impact of provider failure and withdrawal from the home care market and we will be publishing these stories alongside analysis of how the current state of commissioning and funding of home care is putting providers on the edge and creating turmoil in the lives of everyone in the system, including people who need care and their families.

Following on from our Key to Care: the report of the Burstow Commission on the Future of the Home Care Workforce  and Care and Continuity: contingency planning for provider failure and our short report on Achieving Outcomes Based Commissioning in Home Care, the LGiU tells the story of how pressures on social care and provider exit affects all of the people involved – from the care users and their families, to care workers, managers and social workers and care commissioners.

We interviewed individuals who have lived through that experience to help us tell that story.  We heard from people who have experience of working for failing care companies, from people whose care companies have gone out of business, from individuals and their families who have experienced this disruption and from people who work in local government who have had to pick up the pieces.

Read the report here.

We held roundtable discussions through March and April 2017 in London, Rotherham and Edinburgh to launch the report.

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