Smarter Cities: Digital and Data roundtables with Vodafone

Photo Credit: Grand Mookster via Compfight cc

LGiU is working with Vodafone to convene a series of regional roundtables. Councils need to be bold in delivering efficiencies and innovation to services. It is clear that data and technology will play a crucial role in the quest to deliver better services for less. The discussions focus on areas of local/regional interest but are broadly themed along these lines:

  • How can councils use data and technology to improve the experience of its citizens’ transactions and broader engagement with public services?
  • What role will digital and data play in making devolution a success?
  • What does being a ‘Smart City’ really mean in practice? Can technology actually help the council save money while improving services?
  • Do councils and council employees have access to the technology their private sector counterparts use?
  • What are the needs of local businesses, both large and small? How can councils work with industry and each other to ensure cities and regions have the connectivity they deserve, both now and in the future?

Notes from previous events:

LGiU and Vodafone Digital London roundtable notes

Digital Leeds: notes from the round table

Greater Manchester and North West roundtable

For more information about these events please contact Ingrid Koehler, Service Innovation Lead. If you would like to work with LGiU to convene a series of roundtables, please contact Lauren Lucas, Head of Projects.