Network on the Future of Local Democracy

The final report of the Local Democracy Commission will be published in the next few weeks, with some radical recommendations that call on government to make significant changes.

How can local government make the most of the current situation and build a collective case for meaningful change in how England is governed? LGiU is working with the James Madison Charitable Trust to establish a high level Devolution Network made up of local government leaders to answer some of the biggest questions we face in 2017 and beyond.

In the wake of political changes throughout 2016, the future of  English devolution is in question. Devolving power to the cities and regions of England still remains one of the most important issues for government to address as it seeks new models of service provision and new forms of democratic engagement with citizens. Yet the offer to local government so far has been limited and has stopped short of signalling the radical changes in power and governance that are necessary.

The network brought together chief executives and leaders with leading academics and experts to debate the future of local government and its relationship to central government, seeking to answer some of the biggest questions about the future of the sector.

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