Local Elections 2018

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On 3 May, people across the land voted for the councillors who make decisions about the things that really matter to us in our daily lives. Once again, we brought you exciting overnight coverage via our live blog with up to the minute council control results on our live map along with press statements at key points during the results. 

To support councils who were holding elections this year we developed guidance on elections communications covering on-the-day and pre and post election communications to support better engagement.

Guide to local elections communications 2018

We have highlighted the hot races and the ones to watch in the 2018 locals.

Local Elections 2018: Ones to watch

We blogged about local democracy’s unsung heroes and what we could do with more granular elections results data.

Out for the Count campaign

Out for the Count is an awareness raising campaign dedicated to improving local democracy with a call for open and accessible local elections data across the UK.

Over the past seven years, the LGiU has provided live local elections coverage and a results service with insights into what’s happening on the ground and what it means for the country as a whole. Telling the story of what’s happening in the locals and raising awareness of these issues is something we are proud to be continuing this year.

With the help of hundreds of Count Correspondents (volunteers from local government and the wider community) we will crowdsource results live from counts taking place across the country as they come.

In 2016, with funding and support from the Open Data Institute and Democracy Club, Out for the Count delivered the UK’s first election results tracker for the local government elections.

To sign up for our election night updates, email [email protected].

Join this year’s election coverage and Out for the Count Campaign 2018 by being a count correspondent, email [email protected]