The State of Local Government Finance in England 2024

Each year, the Local Democracy Research Centre conducts a survey of council leaders, chief executives, cabinet members for finance and senior finance officers to find out how councils are managing and responding to a fiscal environment that has become ever more challenging. Building a clear picture of the situation within councils is vital for understanding the capacity local government has to deliver essential services, the pressures faced by staff, and the truth behind the spending decisions councils have to make.

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The State of Local Government Finance in England 2024 - final report

The results of this year’s survey lay bare just how widespread the desperate funding situation of councils is. More than 50% of respondents warn that their councils face possible bankruptcy in the next five years. Councils will be using every means in their power to attempt to balance the books this year, including raising council tax, increasing charges and dipping into reserves. Read the full report.

England local government finance: 2024 survey launch

Dr Greg Stride is the lead researcher on LGIU’s 2024 state of local government finance survey. The LGIU has conducted a finance survey involving council leaders, chief executives, 151 officers and cabinet members in England for more than a decade now. In this Dr Stride, explores the results up to this point and how we are updating the survey for 2024. Read this article.

Local government finance essentials

Get to grips with local council finance as we discuss funding, planning, management, and reporting of spending, as well as effective engagement with financial decision-making processes. Save your spot now!

Ask the Expert: The state of local government finance in England (28 February)

The LGIU’s 2024 State of Local Government Finance Survey is currently in the field. Our experts from the Local Democracy Research Centre will hold an exclusive discussion for LGIU members at the end of February to run through the findings. and what the results mean for the sector, particularly before the Spring Budget. LGIU members can book a free place now.

Previous local government finance survey reports

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