The impact of voter ID

Our final report The Impact of Voter ID: The Views of Administrators has now been published and is available here. Our research on voter ID is not over, and we will be looking to expand our research – and share our findings and best practice – as voter ID is introduced at general elections and across new places in the UK. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, comments or feedback on the research at

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The impact of voter ID: The views of administrators

This is a significant new research report on democracy in the UK from the LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre and funded by the JRSST-CT. Based on in-depth research with the people who run elections it raises serious issues with the UK’s electoral infrastructure, finding that voter ID has introduced a series of new pressures to a sector already under severe strain. Read the full report.

What to expect from LGIU’s brand-new Voter ID research

Dr Greg Stride from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre summarises the findings from our latest report, The impact of voter ID: The views of administrators. This research has been funded by the JRSST-CT. Read the article now.

Report launch: watch the recap

Watch the recap of our voter ID launch where Dr Greg Stride from LGIU’s Local Democracy Research Centre summarises our latest report, The impact of voter ID: The views of administrators. This research has been funded by the JRSST-CT. Watch the recap now.

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