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Running for the 13th year across England & Wales and 5th year in Scotland, these are the only national awards celebrating the vital work of councillors. View all of the categories, rules and previous winners below.

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England & Wales

The full list of Cllr Award England & Wales categories (with a link to their full descriptions) is below.

Community Champion

Leader of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Resilience and Recovery

Young Councillor of the Year

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Please read the full rules for nominations before beginning your nomination.

This year’s Awards are only possible thanks to the generous support of our founding partners CCLA.

CCLA is a leading specialist fund manager for local authorities and charities. When they began sponsoring the Cllr Awards they had 22 local authority client accounts. Today they have over 700 and this number is growing every month. CCLA are owned by their clients – their mission is to serve the whole sector, regardless of size.

ccla.co.uk | info@ccla.co.uk


The full list of Cllr Award Scotland categories (with a link to their full descriptions) is below.

Community Champion

Leader of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award

Resilience and Recovery

Young Councillor of the Year

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Please read the full rules for nominations before beginning your nomination.

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Founded in 1983 and now operating as LGIU England & Wales, LGIU Scotland, LGIU Ireland and LGIU Australia, we work for and with local authorities around the world, helping them to serve their citizens more effectively. We provide the unrivalled intelligence and support that local government needs every day and drive forward the ideas and solutions needed to provide sustainable public services in the future. Find out more.

Global Local Cllr Showcase

Photo by David Watkis on Unsplash

To complement our Cllr Awards we want to highlight the great work of elected leaders in local government from further afield.

We’re looking for locally elected representatives who are working with their communities to build better, more sustainable places outside of Great Britain. We will be showcasing the most innovative local responses to pressing global issues throughout the Awards.

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Cllr Award ceremonies

Showcasing the best of local government

24.11.21 lgiu awards

The 2022 LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards will take place in the autumn with exact dates to be confirmed.

Previous ceremonies

 2021 LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards (Scotland) The winners at the 4th annual Cllr Awards in Scotland were unveiled on Wednesday, 24 November, 2021 at Glasgow City Chambers.

 2021 LGIU & CCLA Cllr Awards (England & Wales) The winners at the 12th annual Cllr Awards in England and Wales were revealed on Wednesday, 1 December, 2021 at Camden Council, 5 Pancras Square, London.

2020 Cllr Awards (England)

2020 Cllr Awards (Scotland)

2019 Cllr Awards (England)

2019 Cllr Awards (Scotland)

Previous winners

Resilience at the heart of the community

We chatted with Cllr Euan Jardine, winner of the Resilience and Recovery award at the Scottish Cllr Awards 2021, to discuss the fundamental role of community-level action during the pandemic and what he hopes to accomplish next.  Read more here.

Cllr Paul Bell and the courage of his convictions

Winner of the Innovation and Service Transformation award at the Cllr Award 2021 (England and Wales), Cllr Paul Bell, tells us more about his time in local politics and the causes he passionately advocates for at every opportunity. Find our more here.

The impressive career and many hats of Cllr Shelia Peacock

Winner of the Lifetime Achievement award at the England and Wales Cllr Awards 2021, Cllr Shelia Peacock, shares her story of a life in service of her community, filled with impressive achievements that have changed the world around her and made an impact that has already been, and will continue to be, felt for decades. Read more here.

Community champion chained to civic engagement – Catch up with Cllr Kevin Etheridge

We recently caught up with Cllr Kevin Etheridge, winner of the Community Champion award at the 2021 England and Wales Cllr Awards, to hear about his big win, how the community has responded and what he plans to do next. Find our more here.

The Wigan Deal story

I wish I could boast that the Wigan Deal was a fully-formed plan ready to be taken off the shelf to deal with austerity, but this was not the case. Continue reading…

In Conversation with… John Alexander, Leader of Dundee Council

Kim Fellows (KF) LGiU speaking to John Alexander (JA), Leader of Dundee City Council for the last three years and a councillor in Dundee for five years previously. John Alexander was also named Leader of the Year last year at the LGiU Scotland & CCLA Councillor Awards.  Continue reading…

Domestic violence: 16 days of activism

In honour of this global campaign, we spoke with Councillor Janet Gardner who took time out of her very busy schedule working – which includes supporting the 16 Days of Action. Continue reading…

LGIU Fortnightly Special: Winners of LGIU & CCLA Cllr Achievement Awards 2019

This episode, LGiU England hosted our annual Cllr Achievement Awards in London, welcoming councillors from across the country to celebrate the amazing work done by the shortlisted councillors and of course our winners. Listen now

All previous winners

View all of the winners from past years here.

Rules & Judging

Councillors may not nominate themselves and nominations for Town/Parish councillors are not accepted. The full list of Cllr Awards rules can be found here.

The winner for each award will be chosen by our judging panel, comprised of senior local government experts. Our 2021 ceremony programmes for Scotland and England and Wales can tell you more about last year’s judges.

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