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LGiU Australia Membership Information

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A new information service for Australian local government

A joint venture between local democracy think tank LGIU (Local Government Information Unit) and SGS Economics and Planning, LGIU Australia is a policy information membership service dedicated to local government across Australia.

We work to inform our members by providing practical, up-to-the-minute intelligence on policy issues pertinent to local government in Australia. The service draws on information and good practice from all over Australia and around the world to help public servants make policy, support residents and work more effectively with colleagues. Our core service offers:

  • Daily news bulletins with summarising what the media saying about local government across Australia
  • Briefings, reports and other content written by sector colleagues and academics in Australia supplemented by international insights on relevant local government issues from our global network of associates
  • Workshops, roundtables and other events
  • Interesting and insightful guest blog posts from Australia and around the world
  • Access to an extensive archive of insightful international local government content

To enquire about a 3 month free trial of LGIU Australia for your council contact or

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Membership pricing

For full membership of LGiU Australia services for all councillors and council staff, there is an annual fee payable at the commencement of each financial year. Each local council in memberhsip will be invoiced for the annual fee at the start of each financial year.

There is no restriction in the number of councillors and staff from a council who can have access the service once that council is a member.

The fee structure includes several categories, to encourage access for all local councils and associated organisations across Australia.

The level of annual fee partly reflects the different financial conditions of different local governments across Australia, and local government area population has also been used as a measure for defining the categories.

To enquire about a 3 month free trial of LGiU Australia for your council contact or

Launch Event

Tackling Big Issues Locally

Photo: Hannah Muirhead 2019

LGIU Australia launched on the 27th February, and to mark the occasion we hosted a session “Tackling Big Issues Locally” featuring a panel of local government experts from Australia and the UK who explored how local councils can tackle big issues that impact local communities.

We live streamed the event, but if you weren’t able to tune in on the night, you can watch the recording here.