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Local solutions for global challenges with some of the best resources you’ll ever use. Our full Global Local subscription unlocks critical insights, policy suggestions and case studies for elected representatives and local government staff, helping you do more for your communities.

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Local solutions to global challenges

At the LGIU (Local Government Information Unit) we believe that the most innovative and effective answers to the global challenges that we all face are coming from local governments around the world. But when you work in local government, finding the time to connect with what colleagues in other countries are doing is never easy.

Our Global Local subscription service creates that connection for you. We bring you the best from councils, researchers, public bodies and innovators for citizen engagement. Our team connects you with the latest thinking around complex problems in an accessible and digestible format. We provide an unbiased, critical view of how local government colleagues everywhere are tackling the same issues that you and your communities are facing.


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Covering all the issues communities care about

From environmental and transport policies to childcare, culture, public health and wastewater programmes, we explore a different theme in depth each week. We explore different approaches to each topic and examines how big ideas become practical solutions. We increase your awareness, provide analysis and explore transferable lessons for regional government strategy. We kickstart your understanding of complex issues and because we’re local government, too we understand what resources to show you so you’ll never have to re-invent the wheel.

This is your go to source of knowledge and inspiration refreshed every week, with well researched policy briefings and articles that are there for you whenever you need them.

Because when ideas are shared, they bring global problems down to earth, enabling you to serve citizens with greater confidence.

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What you'll discover in Global Local

Anyone can sign up for the Global Local bulletin for free. Each week it contains:

  • A topical roundup of emerging practice and understanding on topics you and your community care about.
  • Inspiration and innovation from local councils around the world, showing how ideas have been realised in unique communities.
  • Policy and resource links that can ignite your action plan or reveal new ways to approach policy.
  • Original long-form features from the LGIU team, including interviews and policy comparisons.


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We’re eager to hear which topics, challenges and local success stories you’ve encountered or want to hear about in your role as a councillor. Please share any themes we should cover in Global Local, as well as any feedback you might have. We might even contact you for our next newsletter feature. Spread your thoughts and see how they measure up against those in other communities.

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Who we are

We’re an international team of policy experts who have been working with local governments for many decades. The LGiU was founded 40 years ago to support English councils with information, fresh thinking and policy insight. Now, with services and subscribers around the globe, we continue to support local government every day. We are non-profit, non-partisan and passionate about pragmatic solutions for local communities.

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What have we covered in Global Local so far?

From social procurement to energy affordability, each week we provide instant expertise on a range of pressing issues affecting local government.

Catch up via our archive here.

Global Local: 2021 in Recap

At the end of our first year of Global Local, we recapped the challenges we shared and the lessons highlighted. Read our overview here.

Recent newsletter editions

Our exclusive archive allows you to access the latest editions of Global Local. Check it out here.

Topical insights

Global Local offers a fresh local government perspective on headline issues – providing nuanced context and highlighting practical responses and policy guidance.

Here are a few recent examples.

Pride 🌈 representation during June and beyond

Our recent Pride edition of Global Local put the spotlight on local government’s responsibility to serve LGBTQIA+ communities, through Pride events, representation and so much more.

We chatted with Carl Austin-Behan, LGBTQ+ Adviser to the Greater Manchester Mayor, about organising effective community-led Pride events and we looked to local governments in Sydney, Bangkok, Germany and Spain for innovative ideas and inspiration.

Check out the full newsletter here.

Extreme heat 🔆 emergency & long-term strategies

We recently focused on the topic of extreme heat, looking at initiatives to mitigate the impact in the long and short term. This includes an insightful first-person account by Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor of Miami-Dade County – an area which certainly knows a thing or two about heat!

We also look to Toronto, Canada and their deep lake water cooling system and over in Australia where the City of Melbourne is deploying innovative initiatives to ensure its urban forest thrives in the long term.

Check out the full newsletter here.

Housing first? 🏠 Ending rough sleeping

In this edition, we explored initiatives to end rough sleeping, particularly focusing on temporary and permanent housing provisions.

Our featured piece considered the pros and cons of tiny houses, asking whether they really are a neat homelessness solution or just a reminder of the problem?

We also looked at how Scotland’s Housing First policy can be utilised by local authorities to combat rising homelessness rates, as well as other initiatives that countries across the globe are implementing in their quest to end homelessness.

Check out the full newsletter here.

Access more

Beyond our flagship newsletter, Global Local connects you with an international community of local government innovators through cutting-edge research, panel events, and a comprehensive case study library shaped by our readers.

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Think Tank Review

Our monthly Think Tank Review surveys the freshest insights and outputs from think tanks relevant to local government worldwide. Find it in our Global Local library.

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