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Global Local Cllr Showcase 2022

We put the spotlight on our upcoming Global Local Cllr Showcase. This category of the Cllr Awards 2022 is an opportunity to highlight and recognise the great work of elected leaders in local government near and far. Read here.

Accessibility in housing and infrastructure

For this edition we explored how local authorities can plan for inclusion, removing barriers to participation for disabled people. This includes inspirational case studies of innovation from places like the USA, Sweden, Australia and Luxembourg. Read here.


In this newsletter, we put the spotlight on the global addiction crisis and the ways local government can intervene. This includes exploring the lasting legacy of the controversial (yet impactful) Iceland model for discouraging teen alcohol and drug use and examining the growing overdose death rate which has been exacerbated during Covid-19, with a particular focus on Canada and the UK. Read here.


The case for electric vehicles (EVs) is plain. Yet making them the rule rather than the exception on our roads is another matter entirely. In this issue of Global Local, we explore how local policy can facilitate improved uptake and management of electric vehicles – of all shapes and sizes. Read here.

Celebrate with us 🎉 Global Local's first birthday

A year ago, we launched our first newsletter and we have certainly come a long way since. From dealing with potholes to humanitarian concerns, in a short space of time, we’ve covered over 50 different topics that are important to those at the heart of local democracy. Our first birthday edition of Global Local showcases all our big achievements of the last year. Read here.

Biodiversity: effective protection and harnessing co-benefits

Despite an increase in policies and actions to support biodiversity, indicators show that biodiversity loss has worsened in recent years. We put the spotlight on local strategies for supporting biodiversity. Read here.

Emerging technologies in education

Over the last decade, the digitalisation of education has already created a number of opportunities for students and educators alike. More recently, emerging (new) technologies – think AI, learning analytics, virtual reality or robotics – have begun to take education to the next stage as we explore in this newsletter. Read here.

Quarterly round-up July 2022

Our quarterly round-up edition of Global Local allows you to revisit your favourite topics – and gives our new readers a chance to catch up. Keep reading for a refresh on our top content from the past few months. Read here.

Participatory democracy: Citizens' Assemblies

In this newsletter, we illustrated how citizens’ assemblies can come to life, from case studies from Belgium and Ireland to inspiration from Japan’s futuristic roleplay during deliberation to encourage intergenerational equity. Read here.

Freshwater management

We put the spotlight on all things local water management, from clearing pollution and improving biodiversity to securing the supply of fresh, safe drinking water. Read here.

Pride: representation during June and beyond

We explored local government’s responsibility to serve LGBTQIA+ communities, through Pride, representation and more. In this issue, we share a fantastic new interview, plus innovation from leading cities globally and helpful resources and policy examples. Read here.

Behavioural 'nudging'

You may have heard of how behavioural theory can ‘nudge’ populations, but how are local governments utilising these insights and techniques? Our featured article in this edition introduces how local governments can take steps to use behavioural insights and we produced an exemplary case study on cycling. Read here.

Skills for new councillors

This edition puts the spotlight on councillors, by exploring the key skills they need to perform their roles effectively and how best to support them. Read here.

Anchor Institutions

This edition focuses on anchor institutions; in particular how local governments can utilise power and collaborate to achieve social outcomes. Read here.

The Malmö Summit – reporting from the ICLEI World Congress

We attended the global sustainability conference in May 2022 to bring you content and coverage of conversations, themes, lessons, and global examples. Read here.

Extreme heat

Extreme heat is one of the deadliest climate-driven natural disasters but is often taken less seriously by the public than storms, floods, or wildfires, as its impacts seem less visible. We put the spotlight on initiatives to mitigate extreme heat impacts in the long and short term. Read here.

Housing first: Ending rough sleeping

After steadily worsening for more than a decade, in many countries homelessness became an unexpected ‘good news’ story amid the Covid-19 pandemic as many governments found the political will to nearly end rough sleeping. In this newsletter, we’ve asked whether tiny house villages can be part of the solution, taken a deeper look at Finland’s success, and reported on Denver’s success in using social impact bonds to fund a Housing First program. Read here.

Maintaining local roads

As “pothole season” gets underway in the Northern Hemisphere and flood-hit Australian councils face thousands of potholes, stretching budgets and risking driver safety, we looked at road maintenance. Read here.

Coastal Protection

We explored how local governments can reduce the risk of coastline erosion to communities – while reducing ecosystem disruption from solutions. Read here.

Age-friendly communities

In this Global Local newsletter, we explore how local authorities are successfully adapting to become age-friendly across a range of sectors. Read here.

Quarterly round-up April 2022

This Global Local edition brings together the content we’ve featured so far this year, along with survey findings and a look ahead to the coming months. Read here.

Social procurement

This edition of Global Local focuses on how local governments can use their public procurement powers to improve social outcomes, both within their communities and throughout the supply chain. Read here.

Local government and the impact of the Ukraine invasion

This edition brings together our most recent resources, commentary and events about the Ukraine invasion. Read here.

Heating homes and the energy crisis

With higher energy costs globally contributing to cost of living concerns, this edition of Global Local explores some of the steps local government can take to reduce energy costs and fuel poverty. Read here.

International Women's Day 2022

This edition of Global Local celebrates International Women’s Day, turning a critical eye to both the role of women in local government and local government’s role in improving the lives of women and girls in communities. Read here.

Weatherproof active travel

This edition of Global Local focuses on how local government can help to make active travel safe and appealing all year round. Read here.

Housing affordability: addressing the crisis

In 2016, the UN reported that almost 90% of cities were considered unaffordable. As explored in this newsletter, the concept of affordability goes beyond the cost of buying and maintaining a house. Homes where this is achievable but which are located far from adequate employment or education opportunities cannot be called affordable. Read here.

Sexual health services

With Valentine’s Day drawing attention to romance this week, this edition of Global Local focuses on local government’s role in sexual health services. Read here.

Regional inequality and centralisation

Can lifting up local be centrally led? The balance of fiscal and decision-making powers between central and local governments can be difficult to get right as we explore in this newsletter. Read here.

Health inequalities

This Global Local newsletter focuses on global health inequalities. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted and exacerbated health inequalities, significantly impacting many people but also creating a new impetus to address the root causes more comprehensively than before. Read here.

Open data

This week’s Global Local focuses on open data. Open data has been ubiquitous recently in the form of Covid-19 dashboards, graphs, and statistics, but local governments can expand its use in other areas. Read here.

Changing nature of work

This week’s Global Local focuses on how local governments can best adapt to the changing nature of work – both within their own organisation and the communities they serve. Read here.

What would you like us to cover?

Like many around the world, we spent the new year reflecting to see what we can improve and do differently in 2022. Read here.

Happy holidays from LGIU Global Local

Councils around the globe celebrate the festive season with lights, trees and visits from the jolly old elf himself. In the Global Local spirit of sharing best practice, we gathered a few examples. From Santa’s tour of Sydney, to Father Christmas’s rescue from the Romsey town hall and so much more. Read here.

2021: Year in Recap

Our annual round-up edition of Global Local allows you to revisit your favourite topics so far – and gives our new readers a chance to catch up. Keep reading for a refresh on our top content from the past six months. Read here.

Rural creative industries

This Global Local newsletter focuses on creative industries in rural and regional areas and how local governments can support them. Read here.

Reflecting on the outcomes of COP26

This final COP26 newsletter reflects on the conference and provides resources, case studies and tools for local authorities. Read here.


Libraries have long been considered an essential frontline public service and a key part of local government responsibilities, yet they have been under threat in many places. However, libraries are adapting, innovating and demonstrating their value in delivering wider local objectives. Read here.

Misinformation and disinformation

Stopping the spread of misinformation is particularly vital to local governments. This edition focuses on how local governments can respond to misinformation and disinformation in their communities. Read here.

Digital inclusion

This week’s edition focuses on the issue of digital inclusion. The Covid-19 pandemic rapidly accelerated the digitalisation of key services across the globe, from government to education to banking. As municipal leaders look towards recovery, they are faced with a widening digital divide, where both the scale and impact of digital exclusion are felt more keenly than ever. Read here.

Crime prevention and rehabilitation

While many local authorities are not actively involved in prisons or justice proceedings, they play a crucial role in crime prevention and helping people who have committed crimes to reintegrate into society. This edition of the Global Local highlights municipal initiatives helping to reduce violence, manage the impacts of crime and support at-risk people. Read here.

Local authorities on the journey to COP26: Shaping a just and fair transition

Ahead of COP26, there is an opportunity to demonstrate to the world the importance of local places in catalysing a green recovery from Covid-19 and a just transition to net zero – and that for communities to adapt and thrive in a climate-changing world, the next phase of decarbonisation needs to put questions of resilience, justice and agency at its heart. Read here.

City deals: unlocking local government potential

As rapid urbanisation continues globally, cities and city regions are emerging as popular scales for subnational investment and innovation. Forming something of a global trend, ‘city deals’ and similar initiatives have been implemented in countries including the UK, France, the Philippines, Australia and the Netherlands. Read here.

Flood resilience

This edition of Global Local focuses on flooding. Severe flooding has hit communities around the globe this year, disrupting lives and livelihoods and causing lasting damage to infrastructure and property. Read here.

Low carbon housing

In light of UN’s World Habitat Day, and with the emphasis on reaching net zero, this edition of Global Local focuses on low carbon housing. Read here.

Helping refugees and asylum seekers

The world is facing yet another humanitarian crisis in a turbulent six years following the withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan and the subsequent collapse of the Afghan government. The role of local government in resettling asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants could not be more important as we explore in this newsletter. Read here.

Local authorities on the journey to COP26: Cutting emissions from waste

COP26 presented an important opportunity to demonstrate to the world the importance of local places in catalysing a green recovery from Covid and a just transition to net zero. Read here.

Smart cities – sparking innovation?

A smart city initially indicated an idealised city connected to concepts of automation and technology, but has evolved to include ideas related to sustainability and human-centred design. Read here.

Child-friendly communities

Towns and cities that are good for children are good for everyone, that’s what child-friendly city advocates say and we tend to agree.  This edition, we focus on engaging children and teenagers in planning and the benefits of urban development that keeps the child in all of us in mind. Read here.

Local authorities on the journey to COP26: It’s time to prioritise adaptation

After another summer of extreme weather across the world the inescapable fact is that some elements of climate change are now, in the words of the IPCC, both inevitable and irreversible. With this in mind there has never been such a pressing time to consider the importance of adaptation. Read here.

Spotlight on New Zealand

In this edition, we’re looking at New Zealand – or Aotearoa, the widely used Māori name for the country. As New Zealand defends its zero-Covid policies and pushes for vaccinations, we take a global look at vaccine uptake policies from local governments. Read here.

Community wealth building

The community wealth building approach is gaining popularity in the US and UK and is making inroads in Canada and Australia.  Some are starting small, focusing on their own procurement, while others are re-imagining themselves as community platforms for growth. Read here.

Indigenous Communities

Local government, being the tier of government people have the most interactions with on a daily basis, can be best placed to change the tone and substance of relationships between communities. This issue of the Global Local takes a look at how communities and institutions are moving forward with sensitivity to create new understandings and better outcomes.  Read here.

Sustainable energy

This week, we’re looking at how hydrogen, solar, wind and other sustainable energy sources can be harnessed individually and in combination by local authorities to future-proof energy supplies for their communities. We’ll also look at how local governments can track their own energy usage and support residents who are seeking to use energy in a more sustainable way. Read here.

Community gardens and food security

This week, we’re looking at community gardens and the role that they can play connecting individuals with nature and food systems, addressing food insecurity and building more resilient communities. We’ll also look at how local governments can encourage edible gardening at home and in shared spaces. Read here.