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Global challenges, local solutions

Over the last year or so, we’ve learned so much from pulling together learning from around the world about Covid response and recovery. Solutions can be found by sharing problems. Inspiration from best practices can lead to local innovation. Celebrating successes from elsewhere can keep us motivated in our own communities.

We are introducing the Global Local Recap to highlight innovation and local inspiration. Each week we’ll address a different theme that local governments are grappling with around the world – from urban heat to rural transport, from designing child-friendly spaces to supporting people with dementia and their families. Global Local Recap is designed to stimulate, inspire and create a space for shared solutions.

How to get it

The Global Local Recap is free for anyone – just sign up. Signing up is simple. If you’ve never signed up with us before – or you’re not sure if you have – register here and choose the Global Insight package. If you are registered on the website, go back to check your preferences and make sure you’ve chosen the Global Local Recap.

How to shape it

The Global Local Recap will be driven by your information needs. We want your ideas of themes to cover each week and – if you’re willing – detailed feedback. We also want to share your stories of innovation and challenge. You can share ideas here and we’ll offer an opportunity to feed back each week.

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Introducing The Recap

Adversity inspired us to launch this newsletter to the world. Read more here.

Community gardens bundle

Our first edition of the Global Local Recap focuses on community gardens and how local government and communities can work together to get growing on issues of mental health, environment and food security. See the bundle including the newsletter.

Community wealth building

Community wealth building seeks to ensure wealth generated within a local economy benefits local residents, businesses and organisations. Read our bundle and 17 August 2021 newsletter.

Charging the future

Local governments around the world are moving away from fossil fuels and looking for more sustainable, renewable energy solutions. This edition highlights innovation and inspiration from around the world, improving the bottom line for public service agencies and the people they serve.

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