Global Local Executive Panel Series

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At LGIU, we are exploring new ways of bringing our members high-level insights from councils across the world on how local government is dealing with key global issues.

Through the Global Local Executive Panel Series, we have partnered with VLGA (Victorian Local Governance Association) and other global partners to bring you regularly scheduled panel events and discussions featuring executive speakers from local government across the countries we work in and beyond. These sessions bring together senior executives from international councils to share ideas, compare approaches and explore learning opportunities.

Next session:

Tuesday 1 December – Rural and Coastal Issues

*Attendance is FREE for LGIU or VLGA members


2022 Programme

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Partnering with the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA), we are excited to unveil our 2022 Global Local Executive Panel programme that brings together executive speakers from local government in Australia and beyond for engaging conversations on the following topics:

Panels will take place at approximately 5:30/6:30pm AEST/AEDT in Australia and 7:30/8:30am GMT/BST in the UK with exact timings tbc.

Previous events

Our previous executive panel series, in partnership with the VLGA (Victorian Local Governance Association), explored topics ranging from pandemic responses and community wellbeing to child-friendly communities and the housing crisis. LGIU members have FREE access to our archives so you can watch these sessions again or read the summaries below.

COP26: One Year On - November 2022

One year on from COP-26 and during COP-27, LGIU and VLGA brought together a panel of council Chief Executives from across the globe to discuss what’s happened in the last twelve months and the ongoing implications for local government.

Read the highlights or watch an event re-cap!

Active leadership for active transport - September 2022

On 1 September 2022, the  panel to discussed how leadership changes at local and state levels can create more connected cities and neighbourhoods that prioritise walking and cycling.

Read the highlights or watch the event proceedings.

Biodiversity Planning and Green Spaces- July 2022

The panel of council chief executives from England, Scotland and Victoria, along with the Victorian Commissioner for Environmental Sustainability to discuss their varying approaches to biodiversity planning and green spaces in urban and rural areas.

Read the highlights or watch the whole event.

Global Local Executive Panel – May 2022: Trust & Culture in Local Government

On 26 May 2022, LGiU Australia and VLGA dove into the subject of trust and culture in local government and the kinds of circumstances which may lead to a loss of trust in local government. In this session, we heard from a panel of local government experts from England and Australia.

Click here for the recap/video

Global Local Executive Panel – March 2022: Local Government Reform

LGiU and VLGA’s first panel of 2022 tackled the many-faceted subject of local government reform. Our international panel of local government CEOs detailed experiences their councils have faced when dealing with reform and reform processes as well as theoretical reflections on certain aspects of sector reform more widely.

Click here for the recap/video

Global Local Executive Panel – October 2021: Addressing the Housing Crisis

The final LGIU and VLGA panel of 2021, Innovative Approaches to Addressing the Housing Crisis, brought together representatives from Cornwall Council in the UK, Cork City Council in Ireland, and Infrastructure Australia to explore the ways in which local governments can and are working to address the housing crisis.

Click here for the recap/video

Global Local Executive Panel – August 2021: Community Wealth Building

In this session the international expert panel discussed community wealth building from their own varied perspectives and explored how local governments in both Australia and Scotland are utilising community wealth building initiatives, creating a fairer, more sustainable economy and directing wealth back into local communities.

Click here for the recap/video

Global Local Executive Panel – July 2021: Child-Friendly Communities

On July 15th 2021, LGIU Australia and VLGA presented an international panel of expert speakers who detailed their varied experiences in building communities that serve the needs of children and young people and explore how becoming a Child-Friendly City can ensure the future wellbeing of whole communities.

Click here for the recap/video

Global Local Executive Panel – March 2021: Community Wellbeing

On March 18th 2021, LGIU Australia, VLGA and LGPro presented an international panel of local government executives to explore how local governments in Australia and the UK are finding innovative ways to deliver improved community wellbeing outcomes against a backdrop of a pandemic and challenging economic climate.

Click here for the recap/video

Global Local Executive Panel – December 2020: Pandemic responses

On December 17th 2020, VLGA, LGPro and LGIU were proud to bring to you a panel of global-local government CEOs discussing the impacts of Covid-19 on the operations of council, the impacts for the municipal communities which they serve and to examine what lies ahead as we move toward a post-acute Covid environment.

Click here for the recap/video

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