General Election 2015

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In the run up to the general election, we’re offering an ever-growing collection of blogs, briefings and other resources to support our members. Check back here for updates, or watch out for our regular member emails.


You can view and download a handy timeline of key dates around this year’s election.

Policy and Manifesto Briefings

Manifestos and pre-election

We have published a detailed briefing on the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat election manifestos (LGiU members only).

We produced a briefing on practical election guidance for officers and councillors. This includes information on publicity, an update on individual electoral registration and postal votes, plus guidance on the role of councillors during election periods.

Main party policy development

In the last year, we’ve published essential policy briefings on the evolving Liberal Democrat and Labour policy agenda. In early March, we completed this series with a briefing on Conservative policy development.

Battleground themes

We are publishing several individual briefings on the main ‘battleground’ themes, such as health and social care, housing and planning and welfare reform during March and early April.

These battleground briefings will look at the political parties’ policies, and also what key groups are calling for – from, for example, local government, campaigners, the voluntary sector and think tanks.

We published a major briefing on devolution, governance and leadership in early March.

General Election Roundtables

We’re hosting two informal roundtables for LGiU member policy officers on what the new government may have in store for local government. We will also explore what answers local government might need from the new government. Contact Charlotte Maddix for more information.

We’ll also be hosting a roundtable for senior local government officers to discuss the future of councils’ education functions. After the election, what happens to the English school system? Contact John Fowler for more information.


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