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Workforce development: call for case studies


Share your stories of workforce development. 

We’re working with international partners to support local government workforce development. Help us share what’s worked for you or what you’d do differently.

Innovation is often driven by a radical change in circumstances or acute need. Over the past two years and through the pandemic, we’ve had both – in spades.  Local governments have had to change the way they work and this has led to many organisations embracing technology to work remotely. As we move through the pandemic and many make the shift to hybrid working, local governments have had to draw on their flexibility once again. This has meant that local governments have had to reassess how they manage and support their staff and ensure that the council as an organisation is ready to face new challenges.

But local governments have long faced challenges around workforce recruitment, retention and development. From an ageing workforce, to competition with other sectors and industries to ensuring that local government has the right skills to meet changing needs and approaches, local government has had to analyse, plan, support and implement workforce and capacity to deliver for local people.

We want to hear more about what you’ve done, both successes and challenges. We know that each place has its own issues, from high cost of living cities to remote and rural areas that may struggle to attract niche talent. How has changing ways of working made this easier or harder? How are you addressing gender and diversity goals as well as ensuring that local populations are represented at senior levels in your organisation? What national or regional support programmes have worked well – and what helped you the most?

How to share

To help us, please get in touch with what you’re doing by contacting LGIU’s Head of Content Ingrid Koehler directly with your example or by filling in a simple form here. Your story could be incorporated into a publication either as a credited case study or as an anonymous example (it’s up to you!), used as a blog post on the LGIU website if you’re interested in sharing your experiences directly  or used to support further research into workforce capacity development in Australia.


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