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We’re making our briefings emails short and sweet


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Over the summer we’ve been taking a look at how we support you to work in or to represent local government. You may have received an invitation to complete our survey or been in one of our focus groups.

We’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying and a couple of things came through loud and clear:

  1. As members you value our briefings and need the depth, breadth and detail, but
  2. You’re super busy and don’t always have time to read them.

So, from next week, the way we provide our policy briefings will be changing, and we’re giving you the best of both worlds. We’ll be sending you concise emails with:

  • Key takeaways you need to know now
  • Highlights from the briefing
  • Clear guidance on who should read the full briefing

And, of course, all the detail and insight will still be on the website, as well as our related resources in context so you can get the full picture. For some of you, this won’t be much of a change, as many of you have already been receiving these condensed bulletins for about six weeks.

More to come

This is just the start of a whole range of improvements we’re planning. You’ve probably already seen that we’ve made it even easier to sign up on the website so you can get full access and to update your preferences so you get exactly what you need. We have big plans for more improvements early next year and we’ll be letting you know about all that soon.

In the meantime, check out our full library of briefings here.

Any questions or suggestions? Get in touch: [email protected], Head of Content


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