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We should vote, despite this wasteful PR by the European Parliament

I think we should vote in the European Elections.  Whatever your view on politics or our relationship with the rest of Europe, it is important to participate.  Decisions are made by those who show up.   But I have just sat here in disbelief as I opened a large jiffy envelope that came in the post.  I pulled out: five small badges with odd pictures on, such as a baby’s bottle, a tree, and a clip art logo to represent fire; a beer mat; a fabric blue bag with ‘Vote’ written on it; a poster; post it notes with a ‘vote’ logo; a note pad; and finally a blue folder with the European logo and a message about voting.   I thought this folder could be the saving grace as it would contain interesting and useful information about the elections, but it was in fact an empty folder.   A brief cover letter invites me to contact the European Parliament if I would like more of these items.    I cannot believe that this wasteful use of public money is going to make the remotest difference to whether people vote in the election.    I feel like writing to the European Parliament to say this, but I am sure my time and my stamp can be put to better use.