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Waste dating – first base or all the way?

Boris has launched a ‘waste dating agency’ for London.  The idea is that anyone generating waste can be put in touch with someone who recycles or treats waste.  In terms of efficiently managing London’s waste this must be a good thing, right? The devil is in the detail, the ‘dating agency’ has a built in emphasis on energy from waste (incinerator or anaerobic digester).  So although the headline is about promoting recycling, the real plan seems to be about generating energy worth £504 million. There is general agreement that energy from waste is an important part of any waste strategy, but it seems a shame that such an interesting and well supported innovation is aimed so low down on the waste hierarchy.  A more balanced strategy would put an emphasis on reducing waste in the first place, where’s the ‘dating agency’ for businesses that want to buy goods that can be reused?