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Viewpoint: Notwestminster 2017 – redesigning local democracy


Want to help redesign local democracy? Well, here’s your chance; Notwestminster is back! Spencer Wilson explains what it’s all about and how to get involved.

On Friday 10th and Saturday 11th February 2017, a motley crew of community activists, young people, councillors, academics and digital makers, will be banging the drum to create a stronger local democracy.

But from the outset, Notwestminster has always been about more than just banging the drum. It’s about finding the people, ideas and energy we need, so that we can do something practical to improve local democracy. Notwestminster is rock ’n roll democracy – something that everyone can get involved in.

This is a free event, including lunch and refreshments.

Over 50 movers and shakers from across the country already have their tickets. Get yours here:

New to Notwestminster this year is our Democracy Experiments Day on Friday 10th February. This is an opportunity to get involved in a practical day of designing and trying out experiments around local democracy.

In partnership with the Centre for Public Scrutiny, we’ve already started looking for ideas for local democracy experiments, and we’re making connections with people from different parts of the country who’d like to volunteer to try an experiment.

For the main event this year, on Saturday 11th February, we’re asking participants to pitch workshop ideas in response to a series of themes that are important to local citizens. These themes have come from public events as part of the Kirklees Democracy Commission, who are working with citizens to build a stronger local democracy in the area.

  • Citizen-led local democracy
  • Helping citizens and voters to be more informed
  • Making elected representatives more accountable
  • Enabling communities to influence local decisions
  • Creating connections between citizens and decision makers
  • Making local democracy more a part of our everyday lives
  • Involving young people in local democracy
  • Using digital tools and data to support any of these themes

Our main event also includes a series of lightning talks to give you different perspectives on local democracy. The day will close with an Ideas Bazaar where you can sign up to work on some of the ideas, and drinks whilst you talk with other participants.

Want to be more than just a participant? We’re open for workshop ideas now and we are looking for sponsorship. Please email us at [email protected] to request a sponsorship pack.