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Two really relevant q’s at Dilnot press conference


Andrew Sparrow is covering the Dilnot report press conference over on the Politics Live blog.

There has just been two really relevant questions (with interesting responses) about the active role local councils should be playing in signposting residents to the information they need to make better financial decisions regarding the funding of adult social care.

Q: At what age do you envisage people starting to take out insurance for their care costs?

Dilnot says at the moment people cannot plan for anything. At the moment people build up wealth in their homes and in their pensions. It might be sensible to see if those saving vehicles could be linked to saving to cover the costs of care.

Q: Who should people consult for advice on this area?

Lord Warner says the commission backs a Law Commission proposal for councils to be given a statutory duty to provide advice on care.

For more information on the need for a better insurance market, please see earlier posts.