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Twitter top 10 – local government

UPDATE: This has been our most popular post ever with a huge number of hits so I am keen for your views before I do a monthly update of the list at the beginning of March.  There will be some significant changes.  Do let me know what you think, either here, or if you prefer you can direct message me on Twitter.

For the benefit of new users of Twitter from the local government world here are some suggestions of people to follow.  A starter pack, if you like.  Now I know that this is going to be controversial, if you aren’t on it and you think you should be, just post a comment and I will revise and post again soon.  This is entirely subjective and deliberately includes a mix of councillors and others working in or commenting on the sector.

I’m not on the list but you are of course welcome to follow me.

So here is the first ever local government Twittering top 10. 


Dominic is one of the most prolific tweeters with a very high number of followers, linking his tweets to his FutureGov website and projects such as the Local Government Breakfast Club.


Ingrid is an Improvement Strategist at the IDEA. The discussion on her blog about the benefits of Twitter and social networking generally are a good starting point for people thinking about the potential of social networking.


Robin Latchem from LGC Plus regularly posts on the latest news on LGC Online, and picks up information and stories from Twitter.


Ed updates regularly on the work of the Local Government Association.


James tweets on his experiences as a Conservative Councillor and ‘democratic gigolo’ (his words) in Wandsworth.


Paul is a leading blogger on local democracy and social media.


A Labour Councillor in Oxford who was one of the first blogging councillors, her tweets should be worth following.


Richard Kemp is the Leader of the Lib Dems at the LGA and a councillor in Liverpool.


Cllr Mike Freer, Leader of Barnet Council is breaking news on Twitter, linked to his LeaderListens blog.


The Twitter home of Councillors, with over 100 now signed up. Useful if you want to find Councillors on Twitter.