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Twitter Top 10 in local government


The Twitter explosion continues and the local government world is catching on fast.   A month ago I published the first ever Twitter top 10 in local government and it became our top blog post ever within a matter of days.   The top 10 informed local government media reports and comment on the increasing use of Twitter and the leading tweeps in local government.   For new users of Twitter from the local government world this can also be a kind of starter pack of people to follow if you wish.

Now for the revised list, if you aren’t on it and you think you should be, just post a comment or send me a message on twitter.   To those who’ve dropped out, please don’t be offended, I thought I should mix it up a bit.  This is entirely subjective and deliberately includes a mix of councillors and others working in or commenting on the sector.  The rough criteria are: level of twitter activity; interest value of tweets to local government sector (i.e. saying you are eating a hotdog doesn’t score high, as opposed to imparting a piece of useful information, breaking news, or stimulating thinking and action in the sector) potential impact of tweets, linked to number of followers and depth of sector followers; and extent of interaction with other local government tweeps. I know the list is a bit heavy on blokes so I welcome your ideas on more leading women tweeps in local government, councillors or people working in the sector, for possible inclusion next time I update the top 10.

Of course I can’t put myself on the list but you are very welcome to follow me: @AndySawford

The top 10:

1. @ingridk

Ingrid is an Improvement Strategist at the IDEA. She is leading thinking and practice in the use of Twitter and other forms of social networking to support improvement in local government. Previous position: 2

2. @dominiccampbell

Dominic is one of the most prolific tweeps with a very high number of followers, linking his tweets to his FutureGov website and projects such as the Local Government Breakfast Club. He is also involved with LGiU discussions on social networking and safeguarding children. Previous position: 1


Cllr Richard Kemp burst on to Twitter a few months ago and tweets regular interesting updates on politics generally, the Liberal Democrats, being a councillor, and his role at the LGA where he is a Vice Chair. Previous position: 8

4. @mattcooke2012

Cllr Cooke gives regular updates and insights on his experiences as a Councillor and recently elected Cabinet Member in Haringey, part of a new executive team following the post Baby P leadership changes in the Borough.   Previous position: new entry


James tweets on his experiences as a Conservative Councillor and ‘democratic gigolo’ (his words) in Wandsworth. I particularly liked his recent tweet linking to local mapping of crimes committed in his patch. Previous position: 5

6. @antoniabance.

A Labour Councillor in Oxford who was one of the first blogging councillors. I like that she often responds to my tweet requests for ideas and comment. Previous position: 7

7. @EdwardWelsh

Ed updates regularly on the work of the media team at the Local Government Association. He is involved in something called Tweety Hall with the IDEA and Leadership Centre but I can’t tell you whether it will be any good as they haven’t talked to me about it. Previous position 4.


Paul is a leading blogger on local democracy and social media. Previous position 6

9. @JustinGriggs.

Justin brings an interesting perspective from the first tier of local government, town and parish councils, of which I am a big fan. Previous position: new entry.

10. @davebriggs

Dave enters the top 10 by popular request. He is viewed as a local government twitter pioneer and he blogs here. Previous position: new entry.

@lgcplus drops out of the top 10 as I thought @localgoveditors from the MJ team equally worth highlighting. @cllrtweeps drops from the top 10 but remains very good for finding councillors on twitter.   @leaderlistens from Cllr Mike Freer, Leader of Barnet Council, should be followed, his updates are interesting and he has even broken significant news via twitter (announcing that Barnet are leaving the LGA) but he was just edged out of the top 10 this month as he doesn’t tweet very often.

Some honorary mentions of other people you might like to follow: @CEisenhart @mixupaatalainen, @SimonMagus @CllrTim. What I like about all these tweeps is that they often share ideas and comments with me.  Also local government Minister @sadiqkhan.

Your comments on the top 10 please…?