Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.


Impact of Covid-19 on Children and Young people: The response starts locally

The Improvement Service have just published a report on the impacts of Covid-19 on children and young people. Rebecca Spillane, National Co-ordinator of Local Child Poverty Action Reports at IS, introduces this report and confirms local authorities need to be at the heart of the response.

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Covid-19: On the ground with a small charity

Earlier this week we published a briefing on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on smaller charities. Julia Clark, Director of Engagement at the Encephalitis Society got in touch to give us first hand account of the situation for one small charity.

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The Northern Ireland Housing Executive – delivering social housing through times of conflict

Although housing is just as critical an aspect of public policy in Northern Ireland as in other parts of UK and Ireland, local government does not play the same role. Instead, the Northern Ireland Housing Executive possesses unique responsibilities in meeting demand for social housing, which are outlined in this briefing.

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Tackling Child Poverty: Scotland’s First Year Progress report, 2018-2019

This briefing summarises key policy progress updates delivered by Scottish Government towards achieving the aims set out in the ‘Every Child, Every Chance’ Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan published in June 2019. This briefing summarises key updates, actions taken and signposts to relevant resources and funds to provide senior leaders and Members of Local Authorities…

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Size matters: Covid-19 and small charities

Small charities account for 97 per cent of all charities and they play vital roles in meeting specialised and localised needs. All charities are being hit hard by Covid-19 but small organisations face additional challenges. National and local support packages need to recognise the diversity and characteristics of small charities.

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Swift Read: Early Intervention for Reducing Organised Crime – Extending the scheme

First launched in Glasgow in 2013, the Serious Organised Crime Early Intervention Service from charity Action for Children secured £4.6 million in National Lottery funding in late 2019 to extend the scheme to Edinburgh, Newcastle and Cardiff over a three year period. Action for Children with police, crime and council partners will work with families…

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Local government and Covid-19: issues for disadvantaged groups

“We are all in this together”. In one way this is true, but in other ways it is not. We look here at some of those groups who are facing the most severe consequences from Covid-19. The virus can strike anyone, but the economic and social effects will vary enormously.

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Supporting the victims of domestic abuse during a pandemic

The necessary response to one public health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic, may be inadvertently creating a different one behind closed doors – a rise in domestic violence. Councils have a crucial role to play in maintaining domestic abuse services and support during this period.

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The Windrush Review

Rushed legislation and a target-driven culture at the Home Office led to the Windrush scandal, denying many people with the right to be in the UK a job, housing and health care. Some were wrongly deported. The review says it was avoidable and compounded by how the Home Office works.

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Preventing homelessness during the crisis

The homeless are particularly at risk. Andrew Walker found out what Southwark is doing during the crisis and urges government action to ease the strain.

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