Topic: Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.



White Paper on Ending Direct Provision and its impact on local government

Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, Roderic O’Gorman, T.D., last week published a White Paper to End Direct Provision and to establish a new International Protection Support Service for Ireland. The White Paper is examined in the following briefing with a clear focus on the local level and within that level, the leadership…

Ireland Briefing

Affordable Housing Policy: impacts on development feasibility

Many local governments are looking at ways to help address the shortage of affordable housing. This briefing explores options for local governments to increase the supply of affordable housing, and argues that a broad-based inclusionary zoning is likely to be the most effective mechanism.

Australia Briefing

Wexford County Council’s communication boards: Chambers Ireland’s 2020 Disability Services Provision award winner

With universal accessibility in mind for Wexford’s brand new public park, the Wexford County Council collaborated with the community and with speech and language experts to develop an interactive communication board for the park’s new playground area, winning them the Disability Service Provision award at Chambers Ireland’s Excellence in Local Government awards 2020.

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Turning keys to prevent homelessness at Fife council

Gavin Smith, Service Manager at Housing Access and Homelessness, Fife Council, tells us about how Fife’s approach united teams from Housing, Building Services and Support Services under the common aim of preventing a homelessness crisis, and embedded a culture going forward that focuses on Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan priorities and service redesign.

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Swift Read: Food Insecurity and Poverty

The pandemic has highlighted various faults in the UK’s food systems, from the quality of free school meals and their provision over holidays to soaring food bank numbers. This briefing outlines some of the most recent issues and policies regarding food and poverty in Scotland, where food insecurity is more prevalent than in the rest…

Scotland Briefing

The Work Programme: A Quantitative Impact Assessment

The Department for Work and Pensions report published in November 2020 and summarised in this briefing is an impact assessment of the Work Programme, which stopped accepting new referrals in April 2017. The evaluation remains relevant because the UK has embarked on new large scale labour market programmes in response to the economic impact of…

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing

Swift Read: Recovery – if not now, when?

This briefing briefly outlines the recent If not now, when? Social Renewable Advisory Board report and provides recommendations based on calls to action from the report.

Scotland Briefing

Unfinished business

Local government has been financially under resourced and the policy agenda has underserved in key areas of service, democracy and community. This latest pillar in our Post-Covid Councils project sets out a blueprint for the thinking we need to generate some vital momentum around these pieces of Unfinished Business.

England & Wales Publication

Work and Pensions Select Committee report: Universal Credit and the five-week wait

The five-week waiting period for new claims to Universal Credit has been the subject of some considerable controversy. The Work and Pensions Select Committee’s October 2020 report on this and the wider context is analysed here, along with the government’s response.

England & Wales, Scotland Briefing