Topic: Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.


Bundle: Social mobility

What makes the difference to where we end up in life? A collection of our recent publications and events focusing on social mobility.

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An intergenerational audit for the UK 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had major impacts on health and living standards. Whilst everyone has been affected to some degree, experiences have differed significantly between the generations. A new intergeneration audit assesses the impact of the pandemic on different age groups and examines the issues for policy makers.

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Rental assistance in Ireland

History of rental assistance The modern history of rental assistance for low income households in Ireland comes in two parts. The first is dominated by the actions of the Department of Social Welfare [as it was then called] who introduced two schemes in the late 1970s/early 1980s. The first, the Supplementary Welfare – Rent Supplement…

Ireland Briefing

International lessons from Melbourne’s 20-Minute Neighbourhoods

Introduction The idea of the 20-minute neighbourhood in its current form has been represented in the current refresh of Plan Melbourne the State Government’s Metropolitan Strategy to guide Melbourne’s growth and change. As an idea, the 20-minute neighbourhood is about living locally, “Creating accessible, safe and attractive local areas where people can access most of…

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‘A National Mission with Local Impact’: Draft Infrastructure Investment Plan for Scotland 2021-22 to 2025-26

Introduction Scottish Government recently released the Draft Infrastructure Investment Plan for Scotland 2021-22 to 2025-26. Complimented with a £24 billion price tag and the catchy title ‘A National Mission with Local Impact’, the draft plan is packed full with infrastructure projects which, if realised, could have significant impact at local levels. This swift read will…

Scotland Briefing

Cross border family law and migrant children after the transition period

From the end of the transition period (31 December 2020), the current EU regulatory framework for cross border family law cases is likely to cease as the UK will need to rely on international conventions rather than EU law. This affects children of EU citizens in the UK (and children of UK citizens in EU…

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Place, education and family background – what difference does it make to life’s course? – ground-breaking report from the Social Mobility Commission

The joining of school achievement information with income and welfare data at an individual person level will enable innovative research to be done on the life courses of those born from the late 1980s (for whom data was collected systematically from the mid-1990s through the National Pupil Database). The Social Mobility Commission, in a ground-breaking…

England & Wales Briefing

Tackling Child Poverty: Scotland’s First Year Progress report, 2018-2019

This briefing summarises key policy progress updates delivered by Scottish Government towards achieving the aims set out in the ‘Every Child, Every Chance’ Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan published in June 2019. This briefing summarises key updates, actions taken and signposts to relevant resources and funds to provide senior leaders and members of local authorities…

Scotland Briefing

Raising new monuments: London’s first Black mayor John Archer

As we open Black History month, Leader of Wandsworth Council Ravi Govindia writes about the launch of a new campaign by the council and the community to raise a monument to John Archer, the first black mayor in London.

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