Topic: Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.



Build Back Fairer in Greater Manchester: health equity and dignified lives

Greater Manchester has been working with the Institute for Health Equity to establish a Marmot City Region and tackle health inequalities. The IHE’s report provides recommendations for city-regional action through the Health Equity Framework and will be of interest to other areas with significant levels of health inequalities.

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How South African local governments can support urban food growing post Covid-19

The City of Cape Town has adopted the Urban Agriculture Policy (2007) and the Food Garden Project to help shape local food systems. This briefing explores various ways to strengthen food security by developing a coherent, systematic food policy and food system strategy.

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Insights into sustaining European urban agriculture projects

How can municipalities make urban farming projects thrive in the long term? This blog covers lessons from project leaders in Greece, Portugal and Bulgaria that range from cutting-edge digital mapping to creative ways to nourish soil.

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Swift Read: How the pandemic is affecting council tenants and landlords

Rent arrears have risen among council tenants during the pandemic, but what are local authorities and arm’s length management organisations doing about it? This briefing analyses the effects of the pandemic on households claiming housing benefits and Universal Credit, and the solutions being adopted by some landlords.

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Covid-WIRED: Mapping the evidence on the unequal wellbeing impacts of the pandemic

The Covid Wellbeing Inequalities Research Evidence Dashboard is a new and unique online dashboard looking at emerging research on the impact of the pandemic on different populations and outcomes. Joanne Smithson explains how local government can make use of the data to reduce local inequalities and improve wellbeing.

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