Topic: Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.


Diversity in political representation in the UK

This publication examines diversity in political representation, including the legal context; the most recent data on ethnicity and disability in relation to councillors; barriers faced by black, ethnic minority and disabled candidates and councillors; what can be done to increase diversity, and; current advice and support.

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Use your home check skills to help refugees

Many local government officers have the skills needed now to make the Homes for Ukraine scheme work in practice. Find out how you can help.

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Vulnerable children and early intervention

Local government has a major role in organising and supplying preventative services for children in need. In England, there has been a shift from spending on these services to costlier later interventions. This briefing explores a recent report from the House of Lords Public Services Committee.

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IFS Deaton Inequality Review: spatial inequalities

This briefing deals with three papers published by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) on spatial inequalities. The papers have been published as part of the IFS Deaton Review on Inequality.

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Local authorities and place and wellbeing outcomes

When it comes to place and wellbeing there are a core set of outcomes that are needed to ensure residents can thrive and stay healthy. Susan Rintoul from Improvement Services shares how local authorities can make wellbeing a top priority at every opportunity by embedding the outcomes in their decision-making processes.  

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Embedding gender equality in local government

This briefing is centred around the Victorian Gender Equality Act and supporting material, it provides useful insights for other state and local governments seeking to accelerate change, focusing on internal, organisational change, while also taking a step back to remind us why gender equality is important in the first place.

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Domestic abuse and social housing

Survivors of domestic abuse are set to be given more help in finding social housing, including a ban on local connection tests that can hinder victims fleeing from other areas. This briefing looks at the proposals, which are currently out for consultation.

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Youth round-up – March 2022

This round-up summarises the latest UK government announcements on youth services in England and looks at key findings from three pieces of research relating to services for young people.

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