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Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.


Reintegrating victims of human trafficking – how do we change the narrative?

In this blog, Anxhela Bruci, founder of EmpowerFULL (a socio-economic model for the reintegration of survivors of human trafficking), discusses the epidemic of modern slavery – with a current victim estimate of over 50 million people – while also highlighting what we can do on a local level to help recovery and reintegration.

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Modern Slavery – Existing in the shadows

Sometimes considered a historical relic of a bygone era, practices of slavery, coercion and exploitation in the workplace remain tragically commonplace, continuing unseen and unaccounted for all around us. Modern slavery, as it is known, is the illegal exploitation and mistreatment of workers for commercial or personal gain. The term covers a wide range of…

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Rough sleeping in England: where next?

Rough sleeping is falling in England but is still more prevalent than 12 years ago. An updated strategy reaffirms the government’s aim to end rough sleeping by the end of 2024, but will the measures proposed be enough? A new briefing looks at what is being promised.

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IFS-Deaton Inequality Review: Education inequalities

In August 2022, The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) published five papers on educational inequalities. This briefing deals with the largest of these, education inequalities.

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Early years and childcare roundup – September 2022

The early years and childcare round-up summarises new policy, research and publications including government policy announcements, statistics, major reports, reviews, and consultations. This briefing mainly relates to England.

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Lightening the load: mental health support for local government workers

As we emerge from lockdowns and restrictions into a cost-of-living crisis that shows every sign of worsening, local authorities are reporting mental health challenges among the workforce.  This situation is challenging for both individuals and organisations when workforce numbers are subject to cuts and roles cannot be filled. Support is critical. This briefing highlights local…

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A First Nations Voice to Parliament: Local Government’s role

It is a fact of history that the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia were not accorded respect and recognition when the British arrived to colonise these lands and waters in 1788. Indeed, since federation in 1901, there has been a long-running debate about the lack of recognition of Australia’s First Peoples in…

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