Topic: Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.


Collection: Irish spotlight

This collection highlights the services Irish local government provides for their communities. In keeping with the theme of LGMA’s Your Council Day, we’ll be showcasing the range of work taking place across Irish local authorities, including the services not always associated with councils, such as arts and heritage, urban and village renewal, and tourism.

Ireland Publication

Collection: Democracy, devolution and governance

This collection showcases a range of LGIU work that explores democracy, devolution and governance. From exclusive LGIU Member content to our Global Local newsletters filled with innovation and inspiration, plus articles which are free for anyone to read, this collection provides resources to support better policy and practice for your communities.

England & Wales, Global, Scotland Publication

Community action to tackle violence against women and girls

Women’s safety from male violence impacts all women’s lives. In this article, Emma Moseley Policy Officer at Trafford Council explains how GreaterSport’s Right to the Streets is aiming to make streets and public spaces safer for women and girls.

England & Wales Blog-article With case study

Youth Justice: Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan and response

This briefing looks at the recently released UK Government’s Anti-Social Behaviour Action Plan for England and Wales and the implications it holds for children and young people along with some related publications.

England & Wales Briefing

Unpacking common concerns about the Voice

The Prime Minister of Australia recently announced the wording of the proposed amendment and question for the people of Australia for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament to be inserted into the Australian Constitution. This Q&A briefing helps local government fully understand the proposal and its implications.

Australia Briefing

England policy round-up: April and May 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at the most relevant and recent announcements and publications during spring – an eventful period which saw local elections in much of England and the Coronation. Government announcements included a Great British insulation scheme and the ‘Pioneer’ programme as the alternative to the EU’s Horizon science/innovation programme.

England & Wales Briefing

Children and young people’s wellbeing

This briefing looks at the 2022 annual report on the wellbeing of children and young people. It also reports on teacher and parental perspectives on children’s mental health and highlights the various reactions to the latest findings.

England & Wales Briefing

Supporting resilient communities to address health and wellbeing

This briefing identifies key challenges to public health and wellbeing in the face of a changing climate and looks at examples of how councils in the UK and internationally are beginning to address them.

England & Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland Briefing

Building dementia friendly communities from the pavement up

In the article, Dr Sue Northrop, Director at Dementia Friendly East Lothian, shares insights into the work they are doing in partnership with the Council to improve the lives of those with dementia by aiming to make their communities more dementia friendly overall.

Scotland Blog-article With case study

The role of local government in domestic pet management

Supporting the needs of pet owners and ensuring community safety when it comes to animal management can be a complex task – particularly as cities grow and densify, and community expectations change. This briefing looks at the different ways in which state and local governments approach domestic animals and pest management.

Australia Briefing With case study