Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.



Health Mortality and Life Expectancy trends in the UK – stalling progress

The report Health Mortality and Life Expectancy trends in the UK – stalling progress, from the Health Foundation, presents new analysis of mortality data. It explores what has happened, who is affected and what is driving current trends.

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NHS & Third Sector: Working Together for New Parents

Kirsty Nicholls of Fathers Network Scotland writes on the mental health difficulties of parents and the role of third sector organisations in addressing them, covering some of the support services available to parents in addition to explaining why collaboration between service providers can be vital.

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General Election 2019: SNP and Scottish Greens manifestos

This briefing is one of a series on the 2019 general election. It provides a short summary of the key points in the manifestos from the Scottish National Party (SNP) and Scottish Greens. LGiU briefings on other Westminster party manifestos, including those specific to England and Wales, can be found in our general election bundle.

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Leave no place behind

‘Leave no one behind; leave no place behind’ is the World Urban Forum Declaration. Janet Sillett reports from the UCLG Congress in South Africa on how local government could be key to making that vision a reality.

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JRF Report: Poverty in Scotland 2019

This briefing deals with a short report on Poverty in Scotland by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF), analysing poverty trends in Scotland and examining how the Scottish Government can use its new powers to reduce poverty further.

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Financial Inclusion Monitor 2019

The UK has relatively low rates saving and high rates of problem debt, but more people than ever have access to a bank account, according to the financial inclusion annual monitoring report which presents data on the economic situation and employment, as well as access to financial services and products.  

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FREE Seminar: Personal Safety for Councillors

This is an essential programme for Councillors who are mindful of their personal safety, particularly at the moment when many Members are canvassing during Purdah.

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A step up the ladder: how rent deposit schemes can increase access to private sector housing

As local authorities seek to reduce homelessness, increasing the accessibility of the private rental sector has been found to be key. Tenants who might otherwise present as homeless can be assisted into a private tenancy with a council-backed rent bond guarantee scheme, while increasing the available housing in the sector and working to ensure landlords…

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Barriers to diversity in Scottish local government

An LGiU briefing published earlier this year outlined the findings by Green Park on diversity within local councils in the UK. This blog follows up to provide a summary of the state of diversity in Scottish local government, examining what barriers to diversity exist, and how local government can break down these barriers to be…

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An insight into national and local Poverty Commissions

The creation of poverty and inequality commissions is one method deployed to address rising levels of poverty in the UK and build a more inclusive model of governance. The following briefing will examine both the national Poverty and Inequality Commission and a number of smaller city-based commissions across the UK, in an effort to explore…

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