Welfare and equalities

Poverty and inequality are financial challenges for local authorities and threaten the cohesion of their communities.



Law, culture and local government engagement with indigenous communities

In this opinion piece, Dr Ed Wensing reflects on the lessons for local governments from the recent destruction of the historic rock shelters at Juukan Gorge and argues that local government needs to be more aware of Indigenous peoples’ rights and interests, regardless of how well the law currently provides protection.

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In sickness and in health: how health and social care integration was supposed to work

This briefing looks at the background and intention behind the integration of health and social care in Scotland. It summarises the key legislation and guidance around setting up integration authorities and the models available, providing an overview of the boundaries within which integration must operate, and outlines the governance arrangements of different models.

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Post-Covid Councils: Place and Community

Place and Community is the second pillar to be launched of the LGIU’s Post Covid Councils project. The theme is fundamentally about relationships – relationships between place, local economies and people, and between place, people, communities and equality.

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Shaping Covid-19 recovery plans through community research

Natalie Creary and her colleagues from Black Thrive discuss how local government can collect and respond to data in ways that are centred on the perspective of communities rather than reinforcing stereotypes.

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Councils have earned their place

Brent Leader, Cllr Muhammed Butt writes for us about the council’s Poverty Commission, the very clear link that the report draws between the housing crisis and persistent poverty and the work that Brent is doing to tackle this issue.

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Improving child health – whole society or individual approaches?

Can childhood health be improved by messages to parents about what is best for the health of their children or is a collectivist and whole society approach a necessary addition? This briefing looks at the issue using the IPPR report ‘The whole society approach: Making a giant leap on childhood health’.

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Understanding community resilience in our towns – Hopeful Towns

There is a growing divide in economic fortunes and political values between the UK’s cities and towns. This report from Hope Not Hate focuses on the resilience of towns to social changes brought by immigration and diversity. Social and economic challenges can make places more susceptible to toxic political narratives.

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