Topic: Transport and infrastructure

Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.



Funding for local transport

This briefing provides an overview of a number of current opportunities for local authorities to secure funding to support local transport services, including new funding for electric buses and on-demand services.  

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Time to Listen: The Big Climate Conversation

This briefing provides an update on the results and key discussion points for ‘The Big Climate Conversation’ in Scotland.

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How local governments can support the transition to Electric Vehicles

This briefing explores the role of Councillors and Council staff in dealing with adoption of electric vehicles in Council fleets, and also covers the provision of fleet charging infrastructure, and planning policies related to charging infrastructure.

Australia Briefing

Covid-19: Reclaiming the streets

While global lockdowns and travel bans push people to explore the value of their local outdoor spaces, pressure mounts on pedestrian infrastructure. LGIU’s Alice Creasy explores how citizens and governments are making space for people in urban environments, and reflects on the future of transport in a post-covid world.

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The Circular Economy: a new life for waste and a new economic model

This briefing introduces the circular economy, a term often mentioned but possibly poorly understood, as an economic concept – followed by a discussion of the opportunities for local governments to participate in, and lead, changes towards achieving a circular economy.

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How can we make urban planning work for women?

Rapid urbanisation is a global phenomenon, and more women than ever are choosing to take the plunge and move to large towns and cities. These urban spaces have some of the most diverse populations and are supposed to be built for all of us – but they are not built by all of us.

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Brisbane’s Green Bridges: Quantifying the benefits of active transport

Brisbane City Council has committed to five new ‘green bridges’ across the Brisbane River, over the next four years, designed for pedestrians, cyclists and public transport only. Using these examples, this briefing looks at quantifying the benefits of an active transport investment to assist decision-making when it comes to investing.

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Road Safety Trust: 2020 grant programme

The Road Safety Trust in the UK have launched their 2020 grant programme and organisations including local authorities can bid for money for their projects. CEO Sally Lines outlines the theme for the 2020 programme.

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