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Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.


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Swift Read: Visible people – tackling gender mainstreaming in the Nordic states

Patrick Jowett explores how Sweden, Finland and Denmark have successfully worked to take a gender mainstreaming approach to policymaking and the transformative nature of these strategies at a national and local level.

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Planning for inclusivity: How Vienna built a gender-equal city

Low visibility of women’s experiences in the male-dominated field of planning can shape our environments to fit male norms, but it doesn’t have to be this way. LGIU’s Kat McManus writes on the benefits of applying a gender lens to planning and explores how Vienna became a role model for their application of this approach.

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City of Adelaide’s parking experience transformation

This briefing looks at the introduction of Smart Parking initiatives across Australia as part of Smart Cities strategies, and discusses the approach adopted by the City of Adelaide, the potential benefits that were sought, the business case and the experiences and learnings to date arising from implementation of this project.

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Home to school transport and Covid-19

This briefing explores what local authorities need to do to ensure pupils can get to school and students to college.

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Infrastructure Contributions Review: Issues Paper

This briefing outlines the key issues identified in the Issue Paper, relating to the principles underpinning infrastructure contributions, the infrastructure funding landscape in NSW, and specific infrastructure contributions mechanisms enabled under the Act.

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Can e-scooters save us from ‘carmageddon’?

As part of the UK’s ‘green restart of local transport’ e-scooter trials have been brought forward, with many local authorities already in talks with providers. What are some of the regulatory concerns for local government, and as a laggard adopter what might we learn from other countries’ mistakes?

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