Topic: Transport and infrastructure

Affordable, accessible and sustainable transport and infrastructure are crucial to the economy and wellbeing of every community.


Driving a circular economy approach to soft plastic recycling

Collecting and diverting materials from landfills is one thing but creating a circular economy for recyclable materials is another. While countries across the world operate various structures to incentivise the return of recyclable goods, this blog explores Bendigo’s plan to incentivise a circular economy for recyclable goods. 

Australia Blog-article With case study

England policy round-up: December 2022 and January 2023

This policy round-up for England looks at policy announcements and publications from December 2022 and January 2023. After the hiatus of the summer and turmoil of early autumn, government departments are getting back to the usual rhythm of policy business, and there have been some significant announcements.

England & Wales Briefing

All Things Ireland- key updates for local authorities

In a big week for housing updates and Protocol politics, this weeks All Things Ireland summarises all the key local government updates to keep your 2023 informed and connected!

Ireland Publication

All Things Scotland: January policy round up

Welcome to All Things Scotland, LGIU’s weekly collation of everything local government in Scotland. This week we bring you all the latest reports and updates to keep Scottish local government informed, engaged and connected.

Scotland Publication

All Things Ireland: What’s on in local government?

Welcome to All Things Ireland. In a week where fallout over Sunday’s events in Croke park captured headlines, LGIU Ireland has collected all the key reports, policy development and funding calls to keep Irish local government informed and connected.

Ireland Publication

All Things Ireland: Outcomes from COP-27

Welcome to All Things Ireland, LGIU Ireland’s weekly collation of everything local government in Ireland. This week we bring you the latest reports and updates to kick start your 2023 in local government.

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