How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?


Big data or Big Brother: data, democracy and active citizenship

This seminar offers a chance to critically discuss and debate the relationship between Big Data and active citizenship. In an age of austerity, data abundance suggests one approach to improving urban life and generating economic growth. However, active citizens need to think critically and creatively about what kinds of expertise are authorised by the data…

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Online Data Privacy – what does the public think?

Data privacy is a complex and contested issue, often obscured in jargon and compounded by a presence in and out of the media spotlight. This briefing summarises the findings of a Carnegie UK Trust report on online data privacy.

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Swift Read: SNP Conference Autumn 2018

Eleven years after the Scottish National Party formed a minority government and took charge of Scotland for the first time, LGiU Scotland attended the three-day National Conference packed with fringe events, speeches, policy-making and much more.

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Hanging on the telephone

Working in public services requires a great deal of connectivity – both with regards to phone signal and internet connection. But what about when you are based somewhere without a good internet connection? LGiU Scotland’s Kim Fellows blogs about her travels across Scotland recently and the difficulties she has faced.

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LGiU Fortnightly 18th October: Does transparency lead to trust in politics?

We live in changing political times and many observe a decline in trust in politics. Meanwhile there is now an unprecedented collection of personal data by public and private organisations. What does it mean to be transparent in the public sector in this context? We speak to Dr Ben Worthy of Birkbeck University on his…

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The State of Care

The Care Quality Commission has just published its annual state of care report looking at the quality of health and social care and the issues facing these vital sectors. It’s widely acknowledged that both health and care are facing a fairly acute funding crisis, the CQC highlighted the good – that quality of care is…

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LGiU Fortnightly 7th September: The future of our cities + post-summer news catchup

After the never-ending summer, we catch you up on the latest big news from local government and let you know what to expect from LGiU this Autumn. We have a special focus on the future of cities, bringing you the highlights from two recent events, the Academy of Urbanism’s Cities on the Rise Conference in…

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Culture is Digital

Culture is Digital highlights the opportunities for collaboration between the cultural and technology sectors and builds on policy commitments in the Culture White Paper to review the digitisation of public collections and enhance the online cultural experience, and in the UK Digital Strategy to increase digital participation.

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Caught in the web: the new internet safety strategy

As part of its Digital Charter, Government recently announced its response to a consultation on the Internet Safety Strategy. This briefing examines the proposals in the Strategy, the feedback received and the next steps outlined by Government.

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