How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?



H”app”iness is: Communicating with citizens

This briefing explores the main considerations for communicating with citizens via mobile technology: clear communication and accessibility are key. This topic will be of interest to communication professionals and public relation teams working within local government as well as many officers and politicians across all services.

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Local government listens

LGiU Fortnightly is two years old, it’s time to tell us what you think via our listener survey. We also share some of our favourite local government-related podcasts – that aren’t us, of course.

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Game of drones: will councils need air traffic control departments in the future?

 As drones move from disruption to disruptive technology, how can councils gain from unmanned aircraft? What savings can they make? What steps do they need to take to get their implementation right whilst maintaining public confidence and safety? And will they need to employ air traffic controllers?

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Launching CoCare in Southwark

This week we launched CoCare  – the app and information portal for better care – at an extra care facility in Southwark. Find out how you can get involved.

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The importance of data for the December election

Ever since the December General Election was announced, the Spatial Information Service (SIS) have been busy collating up-to-date data about each local authority’s Polling Districts and Polling Places. Simon Roberts, Data and Engagement Specialist at the Improvement Service, blogs about this work in Scotland and its importance.

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MoU for Mapping: An Irish local authority’s impact on planning functions in Lesotho

In 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Fingal County Council and the Ministry for Local Government and Chieftainship of Lesotho was signed in Maseru. The MOU provided for Fingal to support change, modernisation and reform of the Planning function in that country. The following briefing demonstrates the positive impact that a local authority can…

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Council Surgeries on TellMeScotland

TellMeScotland, Scotland’s national public information notices portal which allows public notices to be published in a single online location, has started listing council surgeries. Alison Clark-Dick of the Improvement Service tells us a bit about the new service and how councillors can utilise it.

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Swift Read: Buffering for 12 years: Why councillors still can’t attend meetings remotely.

The government recently announced plans to allow councillors to attend meetings by video link – for those on Combined Authorities or Joint Committees. The idea of remote attendance was first raised twelve years ago. Will the government follow through the recent consultation and should the consultation have gone further?

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