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How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?



Smart villages, smart peninsula: the story so far in Corca Dhiubhne

This briefing paper recounts the emergence and initial development of one smart village, namely Corca Dhuibhne in the Kerry Gaeltacht, suggesting that technological investments need to be accompanied by capacity-building and the involvement of community-level stakeholders.

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Open for impact: Local government and the open data economy

This briefing introduces the concept of open government data and highlights considerations for local governments who are seeking to participate in the data value chain. It is the first in a two-part series, of which the second will focus on the opportunities and challenges for advancing open data maturity in the local government sector.

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Transitioning to a low-carbon economy: Benefits for climate change and inequality

The economic future of regional Australia is closely tied to how Australia plans for and mitigates climate change and many economists argue that the transition to a low-carbon economy is actually a golden economic opportunity for regional communities. This briefing explores some of these opportunities.

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Implications of the accelerating global shift to electric vehicles

This briefing considers the implications for fleet procurement options in Australia, and provides a review of the current and coming range of Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) models under $100,000 – ones that may provide additional options for fleet replacement vehicles.

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Online Training: Digital for Leaders: what you really need to know

This lively and interactive session aims to remove the jargon and complexity surrounding digital and technology, providing a solid foundation of knowledge for those in leadership positions to ensure their approach is the right one.

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Energy From Waste Infrastructure Plan: Moving to a circular economy

The Energy from Waste Infrastructure Plan guides the strategic planning and investment for future thermal energy from waste facilities until 2041. The Plan aims to provide certainty of where waste to energy facilities will be located to maximise NSW’s waste management needs, employment opportunities, and waste innovation opportunities.

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Bundle: Smart cities

This bundle aims to prime local government on the issue of smart cities, exploring both the opportunities and limitations the concept presents alongside showcasing an array of global case studies and best practice.

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