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How can local authorities use technology and data to deliver better public services and harness social media for better interaction with citizens?


So what is a community?

A couple of weeks ago we asked whether the local government twitter community could help CLG define what community is – now with the Localism Bill now just days away, I thought I’d better collate all the #ComDef suggestions (thank you very much to all who contributed) and see what key ideas and themes emerge. Many people that I’ve…

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What we’re reading – 6/12/10

Why wellbeing is a big deal. Warren Hatter draws together a plethora of different viewpoints to analyse the new ‘happiness’ measure. He explores the idea that this should ‘provide both local and national metrics, with a clear understanding that national wellbeing is the sum total of wellbeing in all localities, and that a course should be explicitly charted…

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More useful (and free) internet tools for sharing snow-related information

[googlemaps,-0.196037&spn=0.038185,0.110035&output=embed&w=555&h=400]  (James Cousins’ ‘Gritting Wandsworth’ map) Just following up on my previous posts on how councils and councillors can use free internet tools to get information out to residents about snow-related services and disruption. I want to draw attention to James Cousins’ ‘Gritting Wandsworth’ piece – which tackles the tricky subject of meeting peoples…

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Lib Dems vote to publish results of serious case reviews

In Bournemouth today Annette Brooke MP (Shadow Minister for Children) updated the Lib Dem policy on child protection. The purpose is to renew their position following the tragic case of Baby Peter. The raft of new proposals includes a public awareness campaign to make child protection everybody’s business. Nobody would disagree with that, but more  controversially, they want the…

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Twitter Top 10 in local government

The Twitter explosion continues and the local government world is catching on fast.   A month ago I published the first ever Twitter top 10 in local government and it became our top blog post ever within a matter of days.   The top 10 informed local government media reports and comment on the increasing use of…

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Social networking

We have been looking at the potential of social networking at the LGiU.  We recently launched our social networking action learning set to support councils, particularly engaging with young people.  You can find out more by joining the Facebook group and going to our website. I am really liking Twitter.  It’s got lots of potential for connecting with people to…

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